Why do people tend to fall into one political category or another?

By admin ~ August 22nd, 2011 @ 4:17 am
I am not looking for a political debate here. I am simply trying to understand why people tend to fall in line with a political party.

For example, I am a republican because when i look at an issue I lean right about 80% of the time. It’s just wierd to me that even though I look at every issue independantly, I always tend to agree with the republican party.
line dancing, i would tend to disagree. Even when people are registered independent i think the vote one way or the other most of the time.
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9 Responses to Why do people tend to fall into one political category or another?

  1. susi

    It is all about what beliefs one holds! I, like you, am Republican and simply, because of their tenets, could never consider being a dem……

  2. line dancing with jesus

    they don’t ,

    we have more non voters than who vote for either rep or dem party combined

    Nevada has more independents registered than rep or dem

    its the duopoly and its supporters who want you to think that

    its another way to limit your choice

  3. wittle doll

    I’m with you on that one.

  4. Don't Tread On me!

    I am an Independant who usually votes for Republicans for President. The Democrats always seem to run their most leftist candidate for Prez for some stupid reason.

  5. Arbiter

    There are independents too, who are 30/70 split or whatever the split is, there are some black republicans voting for obama, or democrats voting for mccain who originally wanted hillary.

    Also its how we are raised and, we tend to agree with people on more issues who we agree with a lot of other things with.

    Also most importantly, If one issue is extremely important to you that it would decide your party, you will support that party for that one issue and possible gain some of their other beliefs in the process.

    I also know from personal experience that in college being liberal is much more popular and people who are not quite as knowledge in politics will agree with just for popularity, (there are knowledgeable liberals just that there are a lot of not quite so knowledgeable ones in college this is just what I have experienced personally)

    I believed I answered this with little to no bias, just what I observe.

  6. bonehead

    Kinda sounds like a division, like black and white. We are all suppose to be americans. Strange isn’t it??

  7. The Earth

    Thinking is very difficult for some people so they do not get an education and only think things out so far. If you do not like what somebody is doing Nuke them. It is simple. These people become Republicans.

  8. italiandudeinchicago82

    It’s all your moms fault. Why?

  9. rose724

    Read this, it explains some of the differences that are hard-wired into people’s brains.


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