Decoding the Ancient Wisdom of the Secret of Moles and Their Meaning

By admin ~ August 21st, 2011 @ 3:33 am

Moles appear anywhere in our body. Many schools of thoughts have been arguing relating to whether moles that appear in certain parts of our body signify a good omen over the other. Suppose, instead of looking at the moles and classified them as good or bad, can we look at the moles from a different angles, moles that appears on our face. Those moles on the face can be classified as a sign of beauty.

In ancient Chinese history of beautiful women, moles are parts of their beauty. For instance, a “good looking” mole. Growing next to the upper lip can be very attractive and pleasant to look at. However, if the moles appears right on the tip of the nose, it feels like a fly had just landed. Beauty is far from our thoughts. Therefore, in such cases, it is easy to understand that mole or moles on the nose signified not a good place to have. In face fengshui, the nose is a place to show wealth of a person. If mole or moles appears on the nose, it signified a lose of wealth in near future.

A “good” mole will attract positive attention causing good energy to circulate. A “bad” mole attract negative energy causing rejection or negative influence, This energy if translated to businessman will eventually caused a either a positive or a negative influences to his business venture and opportunity. Needless to say, if the energy is good, his wealth will be healthy. If “good” moles appears on the face of a woman, it is easy for her to receive good marriage.

To conclude, mole or moles can appears anywhere in our body and if used correctly, can be a very essential benefits to our happiness. Therefore, it is important to located and remove quickly those moles that will cause negative energy to you.

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