Republican, Democrat, Husband, Wife. How can relationship work when you are of a different political?

By admin ~ July 6th, 2011 @ 2:56 am
affiliation than your spouse or significant other ?
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15 Responses to Republican, Democrat, Husband, Wife. How can relationship work when you are of a different political?

  1. Jessie D

    ~ You don’t talk politics. EVER. ~

  2. Glenda B.

    “How can it work?”

    Because you’re both adults?

    Seriously, though — I don’t think I could be with a Republican today. Maybe 20 years ago – but not today.

  3. mrs g2

    You have to agree to disagree and then never discuss it.

  4. King Julien

    Im an extreme moderate. and my wife is a die hard conservative. We dont talk politics and it works out splendidly. Just avoid any and all political convos. As soon as one starts just say “Hey, we cant talk politics remember” and then it is dropped. 🙂

  5. csucdartgirl

    Don’t discuss politics. You realize this is a topic that you will never agree on so there is no point in debating it.

  6. spankmaster general

    It really shouldn’t matter ,married folks fight all the time anyway !!

  7. Davidica

    Don’t discuss it. Politics have become a bigger taboo than religion (and, quite frankly, I believe that it has actually become a religion). Just realize that they have their opinion, you have yours and you leave it be.

  8. Happy-2

    Hey, King Julien – “extreme moderate” is an oxymoron!

  9. tiedup_naked

    Easy quit watching Keith O. and Rush L.

  10. Jim #7

    She is a independent so she can go either way.

  11. Mr. Fix It

    You can both stop throwing away your vote and become independents.
    Find your common ground and vote for local candidates that match up with them.

    I tend to strongly favor Republican premises at the national level and Democratic ones at the local level but the Republicans deserve and need to be punished for their reckless behavior over the past decade.
    George Bush was the most liberal president we ever had.

    My wife and look at it as if we both vote opposite ways we sort of cancel each other out so if we don’t agree we alternate. She flipped to my side last time so I’ll flip to hers next time.

  12. Block Me II

    I love discussing politics with all my friends and family. I’m a conservative and most of them are liberals, variety is the spice of life and both sides enjoy it. It’s like being on round table or something. Unfortunately my husband has NO interest in politics only Halo, 80s rap and beer. I begged him to vote, (for anyone) but he simply did not care. Oh well as I said variety is the spice of life!

    I don’t see why you should not discuss things you disagree about with the people you love.

  13. Johnny

    My GF and I are that. She canceled out my vote for McCain which I did like much. She comes from a line long line of liberals.

    We engage in political talk from time to time but don’t take it to seriously.

  14. Citizen X

    My husband is a certified loon when it comes to politics. I just tell him that i hope he will be happy when he is living alone in the mountains. I listen to him rant, and although i agree with alot of what he says, he just is way too out there for most people.

  15. maine guy

    my wife and i are diff political
    there is a lot more than being married than living with someone just like your self


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