On Politics, Economics, Civilizations, Religions and Societies – Everyone Has an Opinion!

By admin ~ July 16th, 2011 @ 10:53 am

Imagine you are running a think tank and rounding up some of the most brilliant minds of the planet, and imagine occasionally you are put in charge of recruitment? You know full good and well that with brilliance comes baggage. And you probably realize that when it comes to:

Politics Economics Civilizations Religions Societies

That, well everyone has an opinion. What you may not realize is that when you are dealing with intellectuals their opinions are based on facts, observations, experience and thus are pretty deeply engrained. Not long ago someone wished to join our Online Think Tank and I asked so what do you think about politics, economic, society and religion? Holy Molly, here is what they rattled off:

We probably disagree on most everything really and I too have traveled extensively, both in the US and abroad, brother gets out of the USMC in March. I am a capitalist, do not believe in Global Warming the way it is portrayed, am okay with timber industry if it is done correctly and they farm it responsibly, I believe in Nuclear Power, Feel the UN and EU has put out a media hit on the US, think that Arabs are totally nuts, by our perception and standards. Think the EU leadership are absolute hypocrites, and that the UN is ineffectual. I think socialism is dangerous and believe most environmentalists are the epitome of the law of unintended consequences. I believe there are too many lawyers, too much regulation on small business and too many handouts making people weak. I am an atheist. I think the people when they get into a mob will cause the nation to crumble, I don’t trust the mob, whether it is NAZI Germany, Kenya, Pakistan or Muslim Youth pissed off in France torching cars for 3-months straight. I believe in winning, and play to win, do not have empathy for slackers, care more about results than committees, etc. I believe the people have given their minds to their TV sets.

As if that was not enough, he kept on going and going, even insisted that we did not agree on all of the above mentioned. Funny thing is, I agree with a lot of it, but that’s just me and in our Think Tank there are people who agree and disagree all the time, on just about any and all topics. Next he went on to say:

Well maybe we do agree on some things – I think Adam Smith was right the problems with incestuous relationships between government and companies (yet believe that open dialogue is essential). I do believe lobbyists have too much power, revolving doors are insane, and that we are selling our nation down the river. I believe that China is ripping us off blind, that the soil is depleted the food is junk, that we are poisoning the American People, ruining their teeth, causing diabetes, allowing TB, etc. to flow over our borders, that the health care system, school system, political system is broken, amongst other things. Now then, I do not mind joining your Think Tank as long as you do not mind to disagree, I am open minded and listening, as long as the other parties can back up their views with facts.

What a perfect Think Tank candidate I thought, and so I sent him our official application. I think all Think Tanks that are truly thinking are not afraid of debate. In fact, he even gave me permission to use his comments in this article, giving us all something to contemplate in 2008.

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