If a democrat is elected in november, will the terrorists start immigrating here?

By admin ~ July 23rd, 2011 @ 10:06 am
You know just like Fox News says?
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17 Responses to If a democrat is elected in november, will the terrorists start immigrating here?

  1. pip

    There is a reason Fox claims to be “entertainment” and not news station.

  2. Lynn D

    They already have.

  3. grizzlytrack

    They are already here! They will just start killing then! USMC 60-68

  4. dkstringer24

    Nope but John McCain is a muslim.

  5. Fed up American

    Well, if Faux Noise says it, it must be true.

  6. Mr. Spock

    the other way around the terrorists are going to leave the White House (hopefully)

  7. CeroZero

    Yes Obama and Hillery will not protect America but surrender to the head shopping jihadis. I like my head no matter what my wife says

  8. garyb1616

    nope.. they will not be able to afford the taxes that will be looming……

  9. John

    Start? Bush is letting Iraqi refugees in now.

  10. everbrook


    But the Worst Terrorists are the Democrats.

    The Democrats will conduct a Reign of Terror on our Paychecks.

  11. FatPizza9

    Obama and Iran’s president are buddies. Obama and Saddam were pen pals. Obama and Hugo Chavez have common interests. Obama may choose Farrakhan as his VP.

  12. Massive Mann

    Find the number of attacks on America since 9/11. Children,
    we are NOT fighting them there so we won’t fight them here.
    We are under attack now!!! Bring the troops home,and defend
    us here while they kill each other there.

    The Republicans aren’t keeping us safe, they’ve just been lucky

  13. J D

    You got everything upside down again Neocon. We already have terrorists in our country and we have them here for 7 long years. They are your creations, they are your Republican Neocon children, you Neocons brought George Bush and Dick Cheney to power.

  14. robgently

    Possibly, since all the terrorist cells have been allowed access by the Bu$h Administration.

  15. Huckleberry J

    Man you are just like your king Bush, always late to the punch. Check out the stae department’s web site homey, your King has already taken care of that, they’re coming here form Iraq in the thousands.

  16. It's me

    It would be a shame if the Democrats dismantle that wonderful border enforcement that Bush has set up

  17. Old Scout

    Yes, they will arrive here shortly and unimpeded if the Democrats win. Would that be such a bad thing though? Terrorists like to target urban areas of blue states.


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