Why do I have to be a Democrat or even an Earthling to hate Walmart?

By admin ~ June 10th, 2011 @ 1:50 am

Maybe all Walmarts are not created equal.
But I have been to one and that is enough.

On a serious note, I read on some evil
anti-Walmart website that a union organizer
(can’t name names) in South America died
under mysterious circumstances in
the middle 1990’s. At the same time,
Sam Walton was in that area making
business deals with companies who were
As slack in the Details department as that
little tidbit is, I believed the writer. I believe
anything bad I hear about Walmart,
yet I am masochistic to go to
that store so I can save a couple of dollars.

But I still love America, and my hound dog,
and the $.20 I saved on some cheap beer.

I also notice that while the “trailer-trash”
shops at this one, I also notice that
the parking lot is designed with the
who-gives-a-**** driver. Then I go to
a Target in town, and there are NO
speed bumps, which is a testament to
the types of customers they have.
Sorry, my semantics are off today. They
worked last Thursday.
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8 Responses to Why do I have to be a Democrat or even an Earthling to hate Walmart?

  1. bubbacornflakes

    Don’t be an Earthling. Cthulhu will devour the souls of the Earthlings.

  2. mukwonago53149

    Walmart destroys a lot of small businesses. However, think about why they do. It’s because the small businesses just aren’t efficient enough. Walmart has a system that works to maximize efficiency. I believe they are good for the consumer and the inefficient people complain because they aren’t as good and want to use the laws to help them instead of improving their own problems.

    I don’t think Walmart murders union organizers either.

  3. marcy

    Walmart is not a bad store. I just have a problem with all the trailor trash that shops there. The few times I have gone there I wondered if I look as stupid and ignorant as they do…

  4. Dixie

    I hate Wal-mart to and I’m not any of those things. They have tried to control the grocery and merchandise industry to run every one out of business.Now they are raising there prices and not carrying things they used to carry.When I have to go to 3 different stores to buy what I need its time to leave wal-mart. They are or have been in the past been unfair to there customers as well as trying to run small business out of business. We now only have 2 groceries in our town and 1 is wal-mart. I cant stand to buy there anymore. I drive 45 minutes to another grocery.

  5. Quicksilver

    Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a Democrate – or even an Earthling for that matter – to hate Wal-Mart. It has been my experience that the company cares more for profit and keeping out of the media than the satisfaction and wellbeing of its customers.

    Even more, they made themselves look even worse when they got rid of their Lay-Away services.

  6. Jo Blo

    I like wal mart,, shop there all the time,, don’t live in a trailer,,
    own their stock,,
    I buy where i can get the best price on the same product,, that’s why I don’t shop at Target,, it’s why I do shop at Wal Mart.
    It’s OK with me if others hate Wal Mart, but I’d rather they find something better to do with their hate.

  7. cheeky ohiokate

    All you need to hate Walmart is half a brain.

    Yeah, it’s the largest employer in the U.S. & has low low prices. But at what cost to us all? Low wages, crappy benefits, small town killer…

    Just because a place has friendly elderly greeters at the front door does not make it a friendly entity.

  8. Lauren

    The problem with walmart is that:

    – they use bullying tactics and unfair business practices to put small stores out of business so they can take over small towns, and many people loose their jobs, so the rest of us pay higher taxes to cover their unemployment benefits
    – if you work at walmart, it is very difficult to get health insurance (the largest percentage of working people on medicaid work for walmart), which means that you and I pay higher taxes so walmart can make a higher profit
    – the profits from small towns end up in walmart shareholder pockets, not in the local economy, so taxes in the small towns go up
    – most of the products sold are manufactured in sweat shops by nearly-slave labor overseas, putting American workers out of jobs, so we have to pay higher taxes…

    So… if you are a Republican, you want lower taxes, right? So I guess you’d hate walmart if you were a Republican, too!

    At walmart, you save a few cents now, but pay dearly in the end.


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