Is a dictatorship actually more effective than a democracy?

By admin ~ June 23rd, 2011 @ 4:36 am
1. The government if free to accomplish any task it wants to benefit the nation without you being under suspicion for every move.

2. There is no political bickering: one government, one voice

3. It increases worker productivity because people wouldn’t waste time being concerned about something they’re not supposed to be concerned about (government affairs)

4. The media can’t spew their lies as effectively.

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13 Responses to Is a dictatorship actually more effective than a democracy?

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    5. You could go to jail for no apparent reason.

    6. You could be beheaded.

    7. No consent of the governed.

    8. Dramatic increase in violence.

    …Must I go on?

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    Sounds good in theory.

    You would have to have the perfect person to be the dictator. Someone who would not let it go to their head… and that will never happen.

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    I think it could be if the dictator worked in the interest of all people and not just an elite few.

    There would be a lot more accountability. One person to blame vs seperate houses of congress and branches of government.

    The downside is that under a dictatorship people usually loss the rights and freedoms we have today.

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    Yes, it is or wold be wonderful to have such a paternalistic dictator, but history has few examples other than maybe Cuba of this half way working. Usually they get a little weird and start putting folks into human paper shredders. But when time gets ugly, we tend to want one strong man. I fear we are nearing that point. Our frustrations with the courts and legislature could be limited buy a strong and just leader.


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    In theory it is a good idea, but show me a dictator that has helped their country instead of hurt it, they are few and far between.

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    1. A democracy is built up of representatives who vote on issues; a dictator has final word on everything.

    2. See answer 1

    3. A dictatorship is a form of government, so your statement about not worrying about government affairs is invalid.

    4. The media is sometimes the reason the truth gets out; we used to call them muckrackers.

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    Good only for the dictator

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    Define ‘effective’.

    1. The tasks that the government accomplishes in a dictatorship are for it’s own benefit, not the people. They are still under suspicion, but hey…. this ain’t some democracy – People will still complain, but now the government will spend time and resources trying to squelch resistance and reformers.

    2. True, no bickering. Those people get squelched (see answer #1). But, there is still political jockeying for power. Whoever winds up with the most power gets their agenda pushed through. The people in power will spend time and effort making sure they keep it while fending each other off.

    3. But not worrying about the government is not likely to be the reason why the work force if more effective. However, this is a dictatorship and fear has always been an effective motivator in this type of government.

    4. No the government takes over that task. Or they just take over the media. But in a global society, it’s harder to keep information out with every passing year. The government will have to keep the information spinning in the direction that serves them best.

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    Some of this is true, but what one man decides or wants is not always what is best for the people. I leaves everyone else out of the system with now way to address issues. If we lok to history at true Dictatorships rarely is one seen that was good for the people.

    Lets take a look at the past 60 years or so,

    Hitler, not much need to be said,

    Joseph Stalin killed 20 million of his own people..I guess he just wanted to make a little more space..doesn’t seem to be in the best interest of his people.

    Pol Pot in Cambodia the dictator in charge of the Khmer Rouge mudered millions. Maybe not so good.

    Eidie Amein (Spelling may be bad there), in Uganda, again maybe not so good.

    Look into the excesses and abuses of the Shah of Iran..I wonder why the Iranians disliked us so much, we supported him.

    Pinochet in Chile also butchered his own people.

    Batista in Cuba before Fidel overthrew him was not such a benevolent leader.

    Modern day dictator Kim Jung Il of North Korea. Takes all the best arable land to grow…..Opium and leaves his people to starve. So bad in some areas they resort to cannibalism to get by…again maybe not so good.

    Saddam Hussein absolute Dictator of Iraq, was not necessarily the kindest and most benevolent dictator either. Read up about the what he and his sons did to people in Iraq.

    Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is a good example of a good dictater..The only one I know of was Cyrus the Great of Persia..he was good to all his people but the was thousands of years ago. The problem isnt with the concept the problem is that absolute power most often corrupts the one in power absolutly and then come the abuses and crimes against humanity. I dont think anyone can hold that kind of power without being tempted to abuse it. Geteven with anyone who disagrees with you, anyone who stands in your way. You like a mans wife…have her kidnapped and have him killed..(This was Uday Husseins pastime in Iraq until he died!) Look at the Roamn Emporers..Caligula etc…..

    So it might look good on paper but put into use and the pictures isnt too rosy. Hell Communism looks good on paper….a classless society where everyone shares in the wealth and bounty of the state…but in actuality it just creates another class structure..those with power and those without.

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    In a democracy, people are allowed to steal legally from other people, including the government. examples: high food and gas prices, high housing costs, high heating costs, high taxes, etc.

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    Democracy is NOT a form of government. It is a process in choosing the government.

    A dictatorship is a form of government. A single authority has control over the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

    You can democratically elect a dictator.

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    I would say it has a greater capacity for efficiency than democracy.

    Although democracy has a smaller capacity for efficiency, it’s much more reliable to stay around a certain level of efficiency. Dictatorships can change with the death of a man from benevolent to cruel and corrupt.

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    the government is already turning into a dictatorship really. Congress is trying to be over bush. They are taking freedom away just to make people feel good. So dictatorship? We are basically already in one but it just doesnt take force to people that go against what it says.


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