Have you noticed that whenever you challenge a liberal democrat, they always resort to Bush bashing instead of?

By admin ~ June 5th, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

addressing the subject that was challenged? They never talk about their guy’s actions, only about what someone else’s guy supposedly did. Why can’t liberal democrats just stick to what their guy did without justifications?
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31 Responses to Have you noticed that whenever you challenge a liberal democrat, they always resort to Bush bashing instead of?

  1. Kate F

    No, I’ve never noticed that.

  2. fdm215

    No. I’ve noticed a LOT of conservative Republicans CLAIM this. And, such claims ususually provide a little objective support as I see in your post.

  3. The Great Poomba

    Well of course… if liberals had any reason what-so-ever, they wouldn’t be liberals. There’s no way to justify liberalism.

  4. Sjean

    Yes I have.

    The liberals are going to miss Bush as scapegoat when he’s out of office.

  5. whydoeseveryonecare

    You mean like you just did?

    I’ve noticed that when I talk with partisan people they’re largely unrealistic, not too bright and often hypocritical across the board.

    most people I know don’t label themselves by a party.

  6. William H

    of course. they got nothing.

  7. ?Vivª Lª Vidª l??? ? ™

    There isn’t any justifications at least I don’t think so. I’m not blind to what my “guy is doing” because i’m not going to make a big deal about it. However I will resort to bush bashing simply because I don’t like him or his party for that matter.

  8. LSUBalls

    Probably because their Great Empty Suit addresses issues in the same manner. He blames Bush for 10 minutes and says the word “change” 20-25 times.

  9. Elaine G

    No, I haven’t noticed that. I have, however, noticed how conservatives call democrats names, call Mr. Obama names, and other petty and ignorant behavior.

    I guess if you were to give some specifics instead of generalizations, then you might have a point.

  10. truth seeker

    No but I have noticed that Conservative Republicans resort to bringing up Ted Kennedy and an incident that happened 40 years ago when they are challenged.

  11. whiteflame55

    Be glad to. Bring up a point, and I’ll argue it all day with you, wont even change the subject. Bring it.

  12. Zap

    This may be hard for you to understand but its called…”Cause and Effect” and is taught in science class (although not mentioned in the Bible so its probably probably not a lesson for home-schooling). Most of what has happened in the US in the past 8 years is because the Bush Administration caused it…pretty simple really.

  13. whimsy

    I’ve noticed that many on the right create straw-man fictitious arguments that don’t exist and somehow think they have an “argument” or, logical (illogical, actually) debate

  14. whcwarrior_10

    with nothing more than”hope” “change” and “yes we can” as a platform, Bush derangement syndrome is all they have left…

  15. Pokie™ Obama / Biden 08

    no i haven’t noticed that.

  16. Schmorgen

    Well, if you want to challenge, instead of parrot a talking point, we’re all ears.

  17. bittermeds

    No, I only see desperate Republicans trying to justify their one sided philosophy.

  18. Tom T

    The Devil makes us do it, and it is just so much fun.
    little georgie bush the impotent incompetent, thank goodness we only have to put up with him for another 124 days. Unfortunately the country will continue to suffer for many more days because of his actions, and the disabled Veterans will suffer for the rest of their lives because of his lies.

  19. pink_angel

    Ever notice how when liberals want to address the lies that started this war in Iraq, right wing nut jobs bring up Clinton getting head in the Oval Office?

  20. justagrandma

    Works both ways, mention Bush and they mention Clinton, and lately Kennedy. Right now though your guy is the one in office, and even if he doesn’t take responsibility for anything, he is the leader of your party. Even if he didn’t get to go to the convention. To every ones relief.

  21. Mercer Devil

    At least Bush is still president. What is really sad are the conservative Republicans that have to resort to Clinton-bashing whenever they are challenged.

  22. Lorraine B

    The truth hurts

  23. joeanimal

    F**k Bush, he is an “Evil Empire” obsessed, Wannabe Crusader~!!!

    just like Reagan~!!!

  24. loving_my_hips

    Just because you vote for a democrat, doesn’t mean you are liberal and just because you vote for a republican, doesn’t mean you’re conservative. It really just means you respect one candidate more than the other. Why is there so much hatred on here in regards to democrats vs republicans and liberals vs conservatives and Christians vs Athiests? Why is our country so divided over something so trivial? I really don’t understand anymore and it makes me sad to see that people can be this way with no remorse.

  25. Stinky

    Pot calling the kettle black? It’s EASY to bash Bush…what has he done that’s good? Pull your head out of the sand….

  26. iggnant12

    You need to watch something other than Sean or Rush.

  27. miss m

    I have noticed this….. that most right-winged republicans always call democrats liberal when they simply state the truth. How can you not respond to 8 years of a war that has yet to be won, loss of american life, loss of jobs, and more americans than ever before are homeless.
    Not to mention the “total” disrespect we have shown to our vetrans who are also homeless and going without medical attention.
    The fact of the matter is the republican party is the party of the “RICH”, and we want to keep it that way. And the democratic party has had a history of responding to the needs of the people, not based on race, age, nor sex….

  28. Griggnax

    What I’ve noticed is how Republicans have been blaming Clinton for everything wrong these past 8 years, and how McCain answers every question on any topic whatsoever, “Well, I was a POW for 5.5 years”.

    When Repubs start accepting Responsibility for this mess, perhaps the “liberal democrats” will start as well.

  29. luv_sftruk

    Oh yes they do! They use Bush as their propaganda so that the people will be voting for them (Obama and Biden)! Mr. Biden is very open when he was interviewed and it doesn’t even bother him when they asked about his son who is a Lobbyist! What a thick face! I’m not an American but I still believe of what he did for the war against Saddam Hussein! He paid suicide bomber to kill innocent people in Israel, he bombed Israel and of course he gassed his own people and killed almost a million including his friend a relative who will say negative against him ! People should see something positive with that and of course he is not perfect, but I think people in Iraq and Afghanistan deserves better!


    The president of the united states is first and formeost the nominee of a political party. Each party has its own ideology and has something called a party platform. while they may be some slight deviation, it can be assumed the nominee of his party will promote the great majority of his parties platform and ideology. This is a fact and the truth.

    Now..Bush is a republican…and one of the things that distinguished hime was how partisan he was in pushing through GOP agenda during his presidency. I am not bashing him for it. Its a fact…it was his right to do so. He in fact was president and could push policies that he prefered. But the fact is those policies were policies that republicans loved for the most part….they loved Bush and defended him when he was attacked or ridiculed.

    Are you still keeping up with this this? pay attention now/
    Bush was loved by republicans because he gave them what they wanted..republican policy favorites.

    McCain is also a republican and as we all know voted with Bush 90% of the time. To be fair he did have some disagreements with Bush like over the Bush tax cuts and torture, etc… but he actually has changed his stance on those issues…he stands with Bush now on the couple things that he had disagreed with him on. He even disagreed with the evangelicals in the GOP party and at one time called them agents of intolerance. But now he has embraced the evangelicals and sought their endorsement and has chosen a VP who is a Pentecostal which is like an evangelical on steroids. now why is that? Why is McCAin embracing the GOP so much now and essentially is looking more and more like a Bush clone? Because he is the nominee of his party and he wants them to support his bid for the presidency.

    He wants to let them know that if they elect him, he will give them policies that they like.

    So, in conclusion, Bush =republican –McCain =republican
    Republicans who love republican ideology loved Bush and voted for him…those very same people who voted for Bush and loved him will support McCAin as well.

    I am trying to give you an honest answer. This election is about mcCain and Obama…true…and Bush is not on the Ballot. TRue.
    But, MccAin and Obama represenvet their parties….
    This would have been true if Hillary clinton was the dem nominee and Romney was the gOP nominee. Yes there are or some subtle differences, but the ideologies are the same in a general sense.

    So…now the question is how do you decide who to vote for given what I have just said..and how does Bush play a role. We are now at the crux of it. Bush a rpublican loved by republican was in charge for 8 years and most of that time he had a GOP controlled congress…and they passed a lot of laws..and Bush signed them.
    So we now have to ask ourselves….do we like what they accomplished? Did they boom our economy and help most americans be more prosperous? are we better off as a country now than 8 years ago? Well thats the way I look at it.
    If you think the answer is yes…you should vote for mccAin and I explained why already. If you think the answer is no, then you should vote for the person that will represent the ideology of the demcratic party…that person being Obama.

  31. alpha & omega

    That’s a mistake because Bush is not running as president but, McCain is. BTW had you noticed that last night on Fox news Bill O’ Reilly was playing the Jeremiah card again? Besides pastor J. Wright two other men who mentor Obama in his life. Is this not a desperate move when the focus is on the economy as issue #1 ?


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