Is likely that Israel will become a theocratic democracy?

By admin ~ May 16th, 2011 @ 8:23 am

One where the Halakah becomes the law of state
and where no law passed by the Knesset can in
any way contradict its tenets?

Isn’t that what many people see as the final
realization of the Zionist Dream?

Or do you think that Israel can be a Jewish
state composed of Hebrew-speaking Gentiles?
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6 Responses to Is likely that Israel will become a theocratic democracy?

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    The goal is a theocratic state during messianic times. Until then, the democratic state which keeps halacha close but only overlapping and not identical with its civil code will do.

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    Not just yet.


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    It won’t be either, why would it?

    You’re missing the entire point about Israel: it was never designed as a theocracy precisely BECAUSE everyone there has equal rights. That means that secular Jews and orthodox Jews are both free to behave and worship as they please. And of course the 30% of citizens who are not Jewish have equal rights and freedoms also.

    And why would Israel become a mostly gentile nation? I don’t know how many Christian zionists and evangelists there are in Israel but I hardly think it’s so many that they are going to outnumber the Jews.

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    I don’t think either extreme is likely. More likely it will remain as is.

    Good Luck!!!

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    It is unlikely that that will happen in the foreseeable future barring any divine event. While a Halakhic Jewish state is the ultimate dream of religious Judaism, that does not mean that a significant number of Jews strive to bring it into being. Israelis today are not interested in a Halakhic state, and in all likelihood will not be in the foreseeable future. However, they are interested in a Jewish country, and thus Israel will not be a state composed of Hebrew speaking Gentiles in the foreseeable future either.

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    It is unlikely that Israel will ever become a theocracy, simply because the orthodox Jews there are a minority.
    Zionism in its inception was a political movement divorced from religion. The Zionist ideal was a Jewish country which was traditional rather than religious.
    The only way Israel will be largely non-Jewish is if people like professors Ilan Pappe and Sami Shalom Chitrit get their wish: A one state solution for Israelis and Palestinians.
    If that happens, I think we’ll be speaking more Arabic than Hebrew.


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