How is the Bush goal of promoting democracy around the world going?

By admin ~ May 29th, 2011 @ 3:53 pm
Russia, Venezuela, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Iran . . . Democracy has been slipping.

Sure, we are propping up two quasi-democratic regimes in the middle east, but there has been no dramatic swing towards democracy. Neither Palestine, nor Lebanon have made it. The war on terror is often the antithesis of democracy.

Unfortunately, this is a not a Bush highpoint.
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5 Responses to How is the Bush goal of promoting democracy around the world going?

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    The people around the hates America because we have a terrible leader like Bush.

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    Is that what he is doing these days? Well, its never too late to do something constructive with your time. Its better than his clearing brush and going on vacation all the time.

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    1. Two nations liberated.

    2. Thousands of terrorists killed.

    A good beginning.

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    thanks for asking..
    i know most Americans have turned against him, personally, i believe he has done his job. he was there when America needed him..

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    It’s not going anywhere, as u said it’s not bush highpoint ur right and ofcourse when the terrorists are there to help the issue how will anyone even think of being democratic politely or politically? Bush however has worsened the democracy aspect over the past years with his way of ruling things and now that his days r almost over and hez looking at the exit he is desperate to make an impact but then again he has some great terrorist countries giving him the time of his life!


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