Is Iran the perfect example of why religion and politics should not mix?

By admin ~ April 8th, 2011 @ 7:27 pm
If you haven’t been paying attention to Twitter (since TV news is ignoring the situation) there is confirmed 4 people dead in Iran by gunfire from Baseej (militia). That’s atleast 9 confirmed dead in 2 days from the militia (5 students killed during the night in a raid of a university)

The supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini picks who can and cannot run for election, then he is the one who approves of the vote, which apparently they county 40 million+ votes in 2 hours.

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22 Responses to Is Iran the perfect example of why religion and politics should not mix?

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    no the u.s. is

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    Kansas is another good example. or Utah.

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    Nuff said.

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    Iran may be a good example of why religion and politics don’t mix, but what you’re talking about is just plain old corruption and plutocracy, which can happen with or without religion.

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    good point!! we all know the president is a puppet of the religious leaders running iran!!! it is a theocracy and the real problem is with the religious leaders

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    No the politcs are just a sham. The mullahs run the country

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    it depends on what religion. Enough said

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    I think the Spanish Inquisition was a better example.

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    It is a perfect example of why we need “righteous” people to help run government and not just have one in charge.

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    Iranians are Shiite Muslims are minority makes up around 10% of all Muslims.

    Majority of Muslims are Sunni Muslims 90% of 1.8billion.

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    The media wants to portray the people in the middle east as generally being good people who never fight with eachother and that the US just went over there and bullied them all. They ignore the fact that people like Saddam and his buddies were putting children into wood chippers feet first and raping women on the streets on a regular basis. Same with Iran.

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    Yep. There are others.

    Crusades and inquisitions come to mind.

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    That and the Dark Ages.

    “I’m completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.” – George Carlin.

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    when an atheist hold the tie of turkish president in 1960 “he said we want freedom” the president said “you hold my tie ,is there any freedom more than that” .and this president were killed by turkish army that claims this president is the man of usa and after coup this army went washington for money and obedience.when we go out ,your systems eat us like jackals eat antelopes.when we lose election noone criticize media talks about elections.iran election is a good example that proves we are at constant war with west and especially usa.the attack is coming from dont stop,you wont stop,so wont we

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    it’s an example of why christianity, catholicism, islam, LDs, mormons and other bigoted lying hateful and intolerant religions shouldn’t mix

    the ayatollah has already shook the presidents hand even though the election is in doubt

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    The founding fathers of this country struggled with the question of religion and while some law is vaguely based in religious thought the vast majority is secular in nature at least here in the US. It’s highly unfortunate that many Islamic nations struggle with keeping religious law out of the secular realm. Islamic, Christian, etc. religious laws/principles should only apply to those that follow those belief systems and that’s why secular law is so important. Secular law is unbiased as to what one believes and can be applied fairly and without prejudice whereas religious law always wreaks of bias.

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    Yes, it is.

    Death to the Iranian government.

    Down with the mullahs.

    Down with Iran!

  19. wahm

    Yes. The democratic Majlis is subordinate to the Council of Guardians and the Supreme Leader, which are clerical. and not directly or at all accountable to the people.

    It’s not dissimilar to early European parliaments which were always subordinate to the monarch, aristocracy and the archbishops. It took time and more than a few shocks to bring in proper accountable secular democracy.

    It’s Ali Khamenei (not Khomeini, who died in 1989) who’s the current Supreme Leader and this could not be happening without his say-so, but even he is just one of the power bases that work behind the scenes. The group that seems to be behind stealing the elections are the same ones that have an interest in the Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran), as they have been also been clamping down on other independently minded clerics, like Hashemi Rafsanjani.

    So, it’s effectively an attempted coup, stealing the election for certain interest groups that are part of the power structure already.

    There are other examples of stolen democracy not involving religion around the world too, but this one is caused by the self-interest of unaccountable power groups driven by religion.

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    Please can all non-iranians stay the fuck out of what we want to do.

    If we want religion it’s our call, if we don’t it OUR call.

    America has done enough, you ruined our democracy in 1953, you have done enough.

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    Actually, Iran is the perfect example of a country who stands up to Jewish rule.

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    dear freind

    these examples that you said are not true.
    tonight iran’s tv show the interview with those 5 people which you said and they hold their id card in their hands .
    all of them where righ

    the news thar brode casted out of iran is not completely true

    you must be celever


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