Politics Inc – Fraud and Deceit

By admin ~ March 28th, 2011 @ 7:07 pm

In 2008 there will be another round of presidential primaries, but with the primaries over a year away there is an almost unknown candidate John Cox of Illinois. John Cox is a businessman, tax attorney, and author. Who at 50, has had two failed attempts at office in Congress in 2000 and in the 2002 Senate, believes that this is the right time for him to make an attempt to take control of the Executive branch. Cox at this time has been gathering support in political circles in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa.

In his book Politic$, Inc., Principle, Not Profit, Why We Need Statesmen, and Not Career Politicians, he makes his views clear about career politicians who have taken up residence for life in Congress. In his book In Politic$, Inc. he draws on the point, that politicians are more concerned about their personal wealth and power than the well being of the people, or the state of the Nation. He reflects on his past involvement with tax officials, who don’t seem to know that they are public servants.

Cox offers solutions to many of the governments problems such as, the out of control spending, the runaway train syndrome that we have with regards to the Social security administration, medical care, and the crumbling education system. This he blames on politicians who would rather take the path of least resistance instead of the sometimes more difficult solutions, and all this for political gain. Therefore abandoning a chance to correct some of our most pressing problems .

This book may be the driving force for an electorate searching for a real Conservative leader. In his missive Cox states that he believes that term limits should be implemented. This would resolve issues of Legislators who are unable to show political restraint .

Cox, whose mother was abandoned by his father when John Cox was an infant, is opposed to abortion on demand, and he has strong feelings against amnesty for illegal aliens. This businessman is a strong supporter of a high tech missile defense system to deter other nations from pursuing a nuclear weapons program. He is strongly committed to pursuing a plan for improvements to education, health care costs, and environmental improvements that would be acceptable and fair with minimal interference from bureaucrats.
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