How to Get Involved in Politics

By admin ~ March 8th, 2011 @ 2:13 pm

Other than obvious things like voting, it is easy to get involved in politics. It can be done in four easy steps right from your home computer. The first step is to get to know you Congressmen in the House of Representatives and contact them; let them know how you feel. Second, you have to get familiar with your senators in your state and contact them as well. Third, stay on top of what the President is doing and write or call the White House. Fourth, you have to stay current with the events in Washington D.C.

1st Step: Getting to know your Representative (Rep.) in the House

Getting to know your Rep. in the house is easy, but very important. Your Representative does just what his/her title refers: represents you and the people in you congressional district. They are there to speak your voice to congress and the president. A problem lies when the Americans in a particular district do not share their voice, this gives the Rep. the ability to take his/her own agenda or the agenda of the few that do contact him/her, and we both well know that is not a good thing. To contact your Rep. at, type in your zip code and follow the contact links. It is just that easy

2nd Step: Get familiar with the senators from your state.

The Senate is the other side of Congress, opposite the House of Representatives and was created by our founding fathers to give each state equal representation, unlike the House, which is controlled by population. Knowing your senators is equally as important as your Rep. in the House. When a bill is created and is voted on by congress, it is voted on by the House and the Senate. The bill has to have majority votes both in the Senate and the House to reach the President to be signed into law. This is why projecting your voice to your senators is so important; they vote on bills just as the House does. If there was a bill that has been approved in the House, then now the Senate will be debating and voting not long after. It is very important to let your senators know how you feel. Contacting your senators is easy, “Click Here” select your state, and follow the contact information.

3rd Step: Follow the actions and agenda of the President.

As much as you may dislike or disagree with the President, the President will have a direct impact on your life. The President usually sets the tone and puts forth the agendas to be voted on in congress. The President also places a tremendous amount of pressure on congress to put together bills in his/her’s best interest. The President also has the power to veto a bill if he/she does not agree with it. And usually after a veto the bill dies or it takes a 2/3 votes in both the Senate and the House for the bill to become law. With that said, it is very important to follow the President and it is easy to do, “Click Here” and you can get updated information on what the President is up to. Don’t agree with it? Let him/her know.

4th Step: Stay current with the events in Washington D.C.

Staying current with what’s going on in Washington is important for obvious reasons. You have to know what’s happening to make you voice viable. Simply ranting to your congressmen or the president about what you father, mother or friend tells you are simply sharing your father, mother or friend’s voice; you’re still mute and trivial. And it’s easy to stay up date with current events on Capitol Hill. Visit “Best For The U.S.” Daily and get the latest, unbiased news. Take that news and let your congressmen know what you think and how you feel.

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