3D Information vs 2D Images and Text

By admin ~ March 6th, 2011 @ 8:40 pm

3D information is all around us; it is what we perceive our world to be. We then learn to decimate this 3D information into 2D images and text; this is what we learn to do at school, college, and university. However, this will not be necessary when the majority of the information is converted into a 3D database. Environment and realistic 3D models will teach, entertain, and replace the workplace and shopping, etc.

This change will be the major challenge for mankind in the next few years. Those who resist will be the ‘architects of decay’ as some learned person once said. Like all revolutions change should be managed as culturally we can’t overnight change.

The changes will be momentous affecting all areas; engineering, shopping, architecture, education, communication, etc. Thinking in 3D will emerge and maybe a new language will eventually be required to create these 3D Virtual Real Worlds.

The present generation doesn’t understand why this 3D world has not happened; as they have been brought up with this concept for the past ten years. Virtual humans and intelligence will help and enable inform us; making life much easier and able to take on more skills than ever before.

See web page “Virtual Real Worlds’ for a more detailed observation
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