Yale Professor on Politics in Defense of Government – Book Review

By admin ~ February 13th, 2011 @ 5:50 pm

Ever wonder why folks do not trust our government, politicians, or politics in general in the US? If so, I’d really like to recommend a very good book to you. I think you will find the arguments interesting, and it will make you think about why things are the way they are;

“In Defense of Government; The Rise and Fall of Public Trust” by Jacob Weisberg (very well-educated and studied Political Theory at Yale); Scribner Publishers; 1ST Edition, (1996); ISBN-13: 978-0684816043.

This is a book packed with figures, facts, past period politics, and information. You have to read it slow as there are so many interesting things discussed. This book comes from a very liberal skew, but the author attempts to back up his points of contention and does a decent job arguing his belief system. Mr. Weisberg, although had never run a business, or run for public office himself, has a tremendous amount of opinions on the politics of the 1990’s and how we got to that place in time.

Many of his arguments may disgust those with opposing views, but no one can deny these arguments, or their place in our nation’s political discussion. The author is “heavy handed” with his critique of Ronald Reagan Republicans, and calls the freshmen Congressmen, and Senators that rode in on Reagan’s Wave as Radicals. The author’s views are what a hardliner republican might call; “bleeding heart liberal” and the book, even offers a relatively short introduction which is a story of such hardship.

This is a wonderful book that I’d recommend to my ultra-liberal family members, and the far left socialists in our society, they will just love it and be shaking their heads “yes, yes” the entire way. This book is a one-night read, but should be read slow to soak in all the information. The author appears to be a great conversationalist, and I’d like to buy him a cup of coffee sometime and set him straight on many of his views. Please buy this book and you will learn a lot.
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