When will Giuliani pull off his mask and reveal the fact he is a Democrat?

By admin ~ February 25th, 2011 @ 9:30 am
He is portrayed as moderate libretarin conservative. But his acts are way too liberal for me. Cross dressing? Cross dressing? CROSS DRESSING? Do we really need to send this out to other nations? Also can someone get him a copy of the 2nd Ammendmant?
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10 Responses to When will Giuliani pull off his mask and reveal the fact he is a Democrat?

  1. thoughfrom1

    look two thumbs up,,, i just like antagonizing you…

    you blocked my other profile

    i suggest getting high and rethinking your views
    then marry someone you love…. really love…

    do not waste your time on weaker women

    then you will see clearly

  2. amnesty sucks

    When will Hillary take off her mask to prove she’s human?

    Sorry but my statement is about as dumb as your question! He never said he’s a Conservative. Dump the cross-dressing thing since that was a joke that doesn’t seem to ever die.

  3. refugio

    Puh-leeze. He is completely unacceptable to Democrats as well. But not for those reasons.

  4. commanderbuck383

    Nope…you don’t get this one…..Giuliani on his worst day is better than any Democrap on their best day.

    9-11 proved that.

  5. speed__phreak

    I think he already has with his voting record. He’s pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gay marriage, and not a religious man of any sort. Did I mention that he’s a womanizer? You think Bill Clinton’s B.J. was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Ha! The Libertarian Party wouldn’t disgrace themselves with such a sick joke! He IS NOT a Libertarian. Libertarians believe in freedom and personal liberty! You want a good candidate with morals, a sense of justice, and is FOR the American people? Become a part of the revolution and vote for Ron Paul!

  6. kymeth

    Not only should he pull of his mask, but he needs to make up his mind! I bet you didn’t know that Giuliani has been a Democrat, an Independent, and now a Republican. He has dressed in drag, befriended a pedophile, lied about the asbestos danger which the EPA reports found, admitted finally about never reading the 9/11 Commission Report and yet hawks 9/11 as the martyr – get off the cross Rudy your halo is getting tarnished since you were the one who hired Kerik and lied to the IRS – umm that is TAX FRAUD, – the guy needs to be investigated on many issues…so I guess that makes him suitable to most in America to become president of the great USA. His continuous “When I was” or “What I did” shows what he did back then, but it NOW and what is going to do NOW. We are tired of the history, and snide remarks to the other candidates, Giuliani needs to clean up his own personal messes before he stakes grounds upon another’s mess.

    I guess by now you can see that it is of my opinion that I think the least qualified candidate on the Republican ticket is Giuliani. Check out his record, you will question his motives. His law firm Giuliani & Bracewell is behind the NAU, they represent the trucking firm Cintra based in Spain. Their trucks are going to travel down the four lane football sized Clinton NAFTA highway to bring in containers of goods from China to Canada and to take away jobs from Americans, take land away from farmers, private businesses, and homeowners all in the cause of eminent domain. He is a CFR member, and he is Knight of Malta (SMOM Papal puppet).

    Yeah, if he gets elected those who truly dislike us, and those who hate us, will look at our country not as indecent, but very very stupid. Yeah, I want our commander-in-chief to be seen in various methods of female dress – ad nauseum.

  7. x z

    identify your sources!

  8. Rick K

    What, are you a bigot, or a homophobe? I’ve never seen any credible evidence that Rudy is a cross dresser, but so what if he is?

    What’s the big deal?

    And he’s not pro gun control, he’s pro law! The gun control laws were in effect in New York City before he ever became mayor. He simply enforced existing law, as he was supposed to do.

    No, he’s not a right-wing nut case, but he’s a moderate conservative. And that sounds great to me!

    Vote for Rudy!

  9. R J

    Mascara?!? just kidding. Merry Christmas!

  10. akadave

    democrat no, he loves women to much, he did have affairs in office you know?


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