How much of the US debt is due to fraud, corruption and political bribery?

By admin ~ February 3rd, 2011 @ 9:19 pm
There is no question about whether we have debt or a deficit but how much of it was created by fraud, corruption and political bribery?

Our government is audited by the government. What are the chances of turning themselves in?

Obama stated he is going to fund the part of his health care bill with the 600 billion dollars of inefficiencies, fraud, and corruption already in the system. If he knows their is inefficiencies, fraud and corruption…..can’t you and shouldn’t you correct that regardless if the bill gets passed?

Do you think some other independent entity audit our government?

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6 Responses to How much of the US debt is due to fraud, corruption and political bribery?

  1. anti_bumba36

    I think a very small fraction, like 1% or 2% is due to fraud and corruption. Another 20% though for inefficiencies and bureacracy.

  2. OnlyBlackG

    A lot has to do with the illegals coming into this country and taking all the free stuff.. Look at California, its in the crapper cause of the illegals. That’s why I move out of California!

  3. patchouli4279

    Through the whole system? It’s in the hundreds of billions.

    It used to be policed by a partnership of trust between the people and the press. Now the MSM won’t even report about the corruption. Anyone who still trusts them after this latest ACORN scandal is clearly in denial. The press has thrown us to the wolves.

  4. Barry auh2o

    So he is going to fund Obamacare with the money we save from eliminating fraud, inefficiencies and waste?

    Does that mean up until this time there was no need to eliminate fraud, waste and inefficiency???


    It’s a very small fraction. Most of are debt is due to poor financial decision making.

  6. Diana

    This question is a tall order,how much debt is due to all the above, followed by BS places like Acorn, cash for clunkers, and the list goes on.
    Even if they did have say an outside agency investigate our government you know they would be bribed as well.
    The first one I would start with would be Obama himself and work my way down


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