How does Hillary feel to be left out of politics and only be a gopher for Obama?

By admin ~ February 4th, 2011 @ 10:41 am
Hillary failed at becoming President, was beat by an empty suited marxist.

Hillary wasn’t even offered the VP role.

Hillary is still married to the impeached ex President Bubba ” I love cigars” Clinton

Did she dodge imaginary sniper fire in secured hotel room in Mexico?

Wonder how the loser Hillary feels when she is told what to do by Obama, jump Hillary jump.

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18 Responses to How does Hillary feel to be left out of politics and only be a gopher for Obama?

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    that’s funny because its true

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    I hope she feels better than she looks these days.
    She looks worn out…all that traveling catches up on a person.

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    She made her decision and from what I have read is quite happy with that decision. What makes you think she wasn’t offered the VP role? I admire her with choosing to work out her marriage problems. As for doing what the President asks her to do I bet she is more honored than Rice was when she had to do what the idiot Bush wanted.*

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    Stay tuned!! The Hildebeast is gonna become a lot more trouble for The Messiah than Pelosi ever thought about!! She loves Center Stage and will try and get back there soon!!

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    sec of state is a pretty powerful position, but even more important is that mcsame and sarah LOST, so deal with THAT. The republikan party is now the republikan potty, deal with THAT. Rush limpballs is a treasonous blowhard, deal with THAT, billo likes to make obscene phone calls and gets sued for it, deal with THAT…geez, i could spend all day with this, but you get the picture and besides, there are so many more questions to answer and i need to spread the cheer. Go ‘Bama!!

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    She has gopher teeth.. She is a natural for the job..

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    Crazy Queen P is the one making ‘ol Hill jump through the hoop!

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    Seems like she likes what she is doing and has an inside track to what is going on in the administration. This way she can beat the tar out of Obama the next go around. Maybe she will have better luck because people will see her in a different light.

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    I never have liked Hillary much, but it was very pathetic to watch the way she stood behind him this morning at his conference, bobbing her head, completely expressionless. Like a little Hillary bobble-head doll.

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    She is probably laughing her a** off watching Obama cook his own goose.

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    Hillary and Obama are one in the same. Their goals are the same. But while Obama works at destroying everything America once stood for Hillary is making America look foolish sucking up to politicians and passing out crappy buttons.

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    When I saw Hillary’s pride, arrogance, and entitlement, I immediately knew that her pride would be her fall.

    Apparently, I was right.

    And let this be a lesson to all: Pride really does go before a fall.

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    Well. . . she CHOSE to do the job (no one held a gun to her head and forced her to take the position), and she has the approval of 71% of polled voters on the job she is doing.

    Nah – doesn’t look like a woman that is in a job that she hates.

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    Hillary is Is a fine intelligent woman. She is no body’s gopher.

  15. wahm

    no, because that’s not true!!

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    She is poised to pounce when Obama’s programs implode.

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    She’s hoping this gig will last for eight years. She’s biding her time and loves being in the spotlight, like when she said the drug war in Mexico is OUR fault (@sshole).

    Won’t Hillary be disappointed WHEN Obama isn’t reelected in 2012 and she’s out of a job? boohoo for Hillary!

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    What you said is 100% true. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Hillary. In her quest for power, she was beat by an empty-suited Marxist, only to end up becoming his gopher.


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