Do you think it is good to change the political party in office every 8 years?

By admin ~ February 28th, 2011 @ 1:44 pm
Do you think it is good for democracy to change political parties when they have been in office for two terms? I personally think it is always good to change up government often. The longer a political party stays in office the more likely they will be corrupt.

What are your thoughts?
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19 Responses to Do you think it is good to change the political party in office every 8 years?

  1. Republican's Rule

    Only if they are screwing with my job, money, or life. And for the past 8, everything has been fine with me!!!!

  2. Deus Luminarium

    I would agree with this only if it applies to the Congress also. That’s where all the work doesn’t get done.

  3. Patriotic 2008

    long live dictatorships vote McCain

  4. Blue Crush

    I think it is better to vote someone only for 4 years and then support someone else.

  5. blamewhitey4it

    I would rather impose term limits on Congress. It’s supposed to be a civic duty not a career.

  6. I Love God and the U.S.A.

    No! This is what is wrong! the left has become to radical and they have constantly failed the American ppl. We are not a socilist nation!

  7. fmko ( ??????????????)

    no…not necessarily…its not about the party…its about their message…voting against a party just because they have been there so long isn’t good…it would be better if the people would change instead of being career politicians…people can be corrupted more than a party can…

  8. Venom

    Sure it makes people feel like they’re in control and they’re going to change the world. You, obviously know the more things change the more things stay the same.

  9. Anti-KoolAid drinking pinheads

    Personally I don’t care which side has office as long as it’s the opposite of congress…. When one party has control of both the executive and legislative branches I think the interests of the people go awry and only the interest of the party seems to be what goes through… I think that’s why we need a president that is willing to be Bipartisan…

  10. Justin W

    No. Every time a new party takes over everything the old party was trying to establish is wiped clean. It’s a stalemate and nothing will be accomplished as long as people continue the trend.

  11. soaring_ever_higher

    I think if the party in power has produced positive results, which is not the case right now, then they should stay in power and if they’ve done a poor job, they should be voted out completely, Congress and all. In the present case, the Democrats have the majority in Congress but are not really “in power” because the majority is not large enough. I think though that the Congress should be from the same party as the President because you can never really test whether or not the president’s vision for the country was a good one unless they have the Congress to support their agendas and initiatives.

  12. Quammen

    Both parties are already totally corrupt………………..we could change parties every four years……..

  13. SVT Cobra Lover

    I’m more than ready for a change. I can’t afford another four years of “republican prosperity” !!!!!

  14. kerona_sibblies

    i totally agree. in Jamaica, one party the PNP was in control for 18 yrs, the result? when the opposition won last year, a whole host of corruption was brought to light, and persons from the PNP were arrested

  15. Liam

    I personally think a President should be able to stay as long as he or she is doing a good job. Here in Britain we have had Prime Ministers who ruled for eleven years, and did a good job for all of them. I think that rule is too rigid.

    Edit: I completely agree with Justin W. That’s the problem with a two party system – people elect the other party just because the current one is failing, but what they really want is a better politician running the current party.

  16. Marq JPAA

    You know — I’m a die-hard liberal, but you make some very good points. EVERY entrenched political party seems to become corrupt by the end of eight years and end up serving their own interests (and not the people who elected them).

  17. Bob T

    It creates a balance.

  18. acc fan

    I don’t know who this quote is from, but I agree with it 100%:

    ‘Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed often, and for the same reason.’

  19. Bounce!

    I certainly do not think so I believe that this might work but we should not make any concrete rules about this I am an independent I think that after bill’s 8 years we should have gonewoth al gore and we would certainly not be in this mess and then this year I think barrack obama is the better choice if barrack obama serves eight year with gore in there that would be one party for 24 years and I think we would be in MUCH better shape I disagree with what you said about that partys corrupt but your entitled to opinion


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