Crooked Politicians

By admin ~ February 10th, 2011 @ 6:24 am

Why do we sit idly by and let politicians run our country and our lives into the ground? Why do we sit and watch them sell off our country to foreign trade? Why do they do it? Don’t hey care at all about the people who voted for them? The answer to that question is a resounding NO. They only care about themselves and nothing more. And the reason we sit and watch them do it is because we don’t know what to do, and they know it. They know that once they’re elected we will go on back to our lives and not keep up with what they’re doing in Washington, so they can get away with murder.

Politicians have a job where they don’t even have to show up for work if they don’t want to. They can give themselves a raise whenever they want to. They make the same salary when they retire as when they did when they were in Washington. And they make it until the day they die. They ride to work everyday in a limousine. They get all kinds of perks for being a politician; perks that they voted themselves to have. They are so out of touch with reality they can’t see straight.

Even when they go to prison, it’s not a prison like you and I would go to. No, it’s a minimum security prison, a prison where they have a golf course inside the prison walls. Each cell has its own recliner chair, telephone, computer hook-up, they can call out for pizza whenever they like. They have unlimited visitation rights. The prison politicians get sent to is better than our homes and they voted to build them and we pay for them with our tax dollars.

The problem is we put them in power. The people who vote only do so for what’s on the outside, not what’s inside the politician. My sister voted for Bill Clinton because he reminded her of John Kennedy, nothing more. She had no idea where he stood on anything. He just reminded her of Kennedy, so she voted for him on that and that alone.

My cousin on the other hand didn’t vote for Bill Clinton because he thought he was gay. One thing Bill Clinton is not is gay. But both voted for the wrong reasons. Neither one of them had a clue about what Clinton stood for.

Ronald Regan got elected because he was an actor. Everyone knew him and that’s why they voted for him. They’ve seen him in the movies so he must be good. They fail to remember that his costar was a chimp and a much better actor than Regan. And they fail to remember that Regan is the one who trained Bin Laden. And we voted Regan the greatest American of all time.

Arnold got elected as governor of California because people in California actually thought they were getting the Terminator. He even talked like the Terminator while he was running, remember? People were mesmerized. They were sitting in the audience thinking, “Wow, we’re getting the Terminator.” So they elected him and then reality set in and they realized he knew nothing about politics and they realized how stupid they were, too late now.

I have a friend who voted for George Bush because he, “Looked more like a president” than Al Gore.” That’s the only reason she voted for him. Now she’s sorry she ever voted.

If John Wayne was still alive and he ran for president he would get elected by a landslide. And he knew nothing about politics. But everyone knew John Wayne. He was a macho actor and he always won, so he must make a good politician, right?

We need for people to take a test before they can vote and if they don’t score 100, they can’t vote in any election. And politicians need to take a test too.

Every Senator every Congressman, every Representative of the House does great things for their state, but they do lousy things for their country. A Senator in NC got a tee pot museum built in a mountain city and because of that she got elected again. She also voted to give the oil companies a tax break and to give illegal immigrants amnesty. But that doesn’t matter. She gave NC a tea pot museum that cost tax payers about $3-million and the people of NC love her because of the tea pot museum. Bless her heart, if she has one. This is the epitome of pork barreling.

I could go on ranting about this, but instead I’ll just stop and say, wake up America. We’re losing our country and it’s time we took it back from the crooked politicians who are bastardizing our country and its people.

It’s time for a revolution. It’s time that someone put up a website that lists each senator, congressman and representative of the house; what they voted for, how much the lobbyists gave them to vote that way and how many days they showed up for work. Then we can see for ourselves if they’re doing the job we elected them to do. And if they’re not, we can vote them out.

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