Are you a Republican who registered as a democrat to vote in the primaries?

By admin ~ February 25th, 2011 @ 3:56 am
If so, who do you plan to vote for now?
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10 Responses to Are you a Republican who registered as a democrat to vote in the primaries?

  1. Rick

    I am actually, i voted for McCain the primary and planned to vote for Obama in the General Election.

  2. pablo_asawa

    You can vote whoever you want in this election ..General Electons

    anyone can vote matter what party you sign up under

  3. irishofficer

    I have always been a Democrat i voted Clinton in primaries ill vote Mccain in November ,Obama has no experience ,bad judgment,and very bad plans in giving away our sovereignty and money!

  4. chrisdmcmillan

    McCain and Palin is the only way to go


    No, I could not force myself to vote for Hillary, even though it may have been for a good cause.

    Republican until the party completely leaves me.

    Edit: Sarah Palin has energized my vote for McCain.

  6. Gone Too Long

    I was always a Republican
    and proud of it, but nooooo more!

    There’s a real stench, and LOTS
    of people are smelling it!

    It just isn’t the same party.

    The party’s over.


    ^^^ Kind of like how Bush has been (and McCain wants to continue to) giving over half a trillion dollars towards a war nobody supports and towards a country we destroyed, are paying to rebuild, have a surplus while our economy rots, and wants us to leave?

  8. plain jane

    After the Godzilla from Wasilla and her Alzhammered runnin’ buddy, what choice would I have? Those 2 are BEYOND the pale. I don’t see how any thinking person could even consider voting republican this time. Add to that, 8 years of Bush.

    The Constitution party is too much of a God-squad, Bob Barr’s obnoxious…Obama and Biden are far from perfect, but they are getting MY vote.

  9. re-re b

    I think what is bing missed is “in the primaries”
    yes, I registered as a democrat for the primaries so that I could vote against the candidate I least wanted in Washington.
    And who I plan on voting for now I care to keep private.

  10. Glow wings

    Nope, I ain’t the one! I don’t think it is really going to matter in this election! Acorn has made sure of this!


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