Would a democrat ever vote for McCain or Ron Paul?

By admin ~ January 31st, 2011 @ 2:01 pm
If you’re a democrat, you might be voting for Obama or Hillary. But if you’re disenfranchised with the current democratic candidates, would you vote for McCain or Ron Paul since they both disagree on Iraq, Iran stance, economy, and foreign policy? Thanks in return.
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15 Responses to Would a democrat ever vote for McCain or Ron Paul?

  1. Honorable D

    I just might because of Obama. GO HILLARY!(GO MCCAIN)

  2. miffinat0r

    Yep. Like I tell everyone I’m happy with this election. McCain does jump sides. Obama is a liberal, and Ron Paul rocks.

  3. Greg D

    never it will be a cold day in hell b4 i vote for a republicant

  4. arryl26

    Ron Paul has a lot of liberal supporters.

  5. blondeqtpie13

    I’m a democrat and no, I wouldn’t vote for either of those men. They don’t want the same things I want for our country. I don’t want more war, higher taxes, the healthcare crisis ignored, the education system ignored…..

    I also, in good concience, cannot vote for someone who has different fundamental beliefs as me. I am pro-choice, pro-gay marrige and anti-war (with some exceptions, Iraq not being one of them).

  6. Older and Wiser

    I am voting for Obama, but if I had the choice between those two, it would be Ron Paul in a heartbeat!!

  7. yutsnark

    Disenfranchised? What do you mean?

  8. Romare

    No person who calls himself or herself a Democrat should be caught dead wasting their vote by voting for any non-Democrat. It is crucially important that we elect a Democratic president, and everyone’s votes are needed. No Ralph Nader, either.

  9. Stay L

    A democrat who dosent like the thought of a Black Man running the country.

    Now that Hill is out IM voting for Obama …..

  10. indy2

    hell yeah
    I will vote for McCain
    I don’t want to be taxed out of my house by Obama the most liberal candidate ever

  11. Green Herb

    I’m a democrat that’s voting for Obama.


    If Ron Paul was running as the Republican nominee
    I would do all I could to get as many people as I could
    to vote for Ron Paul (as well as myself)

    People who actually KNOW about Ron Paul and his policies
    tend to get turned on to him. I admire him for standing up to the other Republicans and holding his grounds on foreign policy and issues that no one else would have dared express.

  12. doovinator

    if it was hillary I’d definitely consider it, I’m not at all impressed with her……

  13. jfa0209

    To answer your question, I am a registered Democrat and I would never vote for McCain. I would vote for Ron Paul. I voted for Obama in the primary. My only explanation is that I reallly don’t consider Paul a Republican. When you achieve 5% of the vote in the national election, you can make official your own party. I would not be surprised if Paul makes up his own party and runs in the national election in an attempt to get the 5% and make his party official. To me you have to look at their platforms and see if it matches the party because do you really think anyone would know his name if he were, lets say a candidate for the Looney Tunes Party?

  14. prophet_whisper

    I am not against any parties or person. However I know Obama is just a spokes man and no action. I believe with all my heart before the election time hell is going to brake loose and the truth will come out. Now having said that I also know the best and the safest horse in a jungle is the oldest one with a limp.

  15. About soMEone

    If I were a democrat, I’d do the same thing I feel like doing as a Reagan-Republican: BAIL OUT!!!! The parties have succumbed to “mergers & acquisitions” fever: they’ve merged together and been acquired by the press.

    MyCane and Oh-Blah-Blah are running for president of the Alphabet: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX, BELO and the like.

    At least we’ve gone from the TV3 to the TV2.

    Know your LOCAL candidates!!!!! Know what ACTUAL powers are enumerated to them and what implied powers their office is known for.

    LOCAL ELECTIONS will affect you FAR MORE than the president and are often where presidents come from.

    This R3VOLUTION is a life in our hands.



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