What did colonial Delaware contribute to the American Democracy?

By admin ~ January 16th, 2011 @ 7:15 am
I’ve been searching for something that it contributed, but nothing is stated.

Virginia has the House of Burgesses, Massachusets the Mayflower compact. But what about Delaware?

Anything would help; links, information, etc.
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    Delaware was the first to ratify the constitution, but that’s after it was a colony. It was colonized originally by he Swedish, where all christian religions were allowed and slavery was outlawed. The swedes also founded a town on the side of future Philadelphia. THey also had the first courts with juries in the New England Region. The swedes started the trend of agriculture over trading in New England and brought the log cabin. (Not Related to democracy but it is kind of important). THe swedes were strong believers in religous freedom. It eventually fell into English hands under William Penn. A property dispute between pen and Lord Baltimore resulted in the creating of the Mason-Dixon line. The only battle in Delaware during the revolution was at Cooch’s Bridge. Nearly 4000 men enlisted for service from Delaware during the revolution and fought in many instrumental battles in the Pennsylvania/New York are. By the declaration of independence Delaware had redeclared itself as sererate from pennsylvania as well as declaring independence from britain. John Dickson of Delaware presided over the Annapolis Convention that called for a constitutional convention that would be the convention 1787 that created the constitution.

    That’s the best I could amass from going through a ton of internet resources. It’s rather difficult to find information on Delaware’s role in American Democracy, hope what little I found helps.


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