Why is it that certain states tend to vote Democrat and certain states Republican over and over again?

By admin ~ December 6th, 2010 @ 5:31 am
What makes states like New York and California always vote Democrat? And most states in the south and the midwest vote Republican? What is behind this strange phenomena?
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11 Responses to Why is it that certain states tend to vote Democrat and certain states Republican over and over again?

  1. tm_tech32

    Simple although it is easier to see if you look at the country by county map versus just the state to state map. The link below will show you a number of perspectives of this including the county by county.

    Democrats only get votes in a very small area of the country, VERY small. But it is in the highly urbanized sections of the country they do well, so much higher population to vote.

    They have enslaved the inner cities, basically forced them into perpetual poverty only surviving on the meager handouts they get from the government. In return they are convinced they must vote Democrat or they will lose their free meal ticket.

    But look at what has happened in these places… every year thousands of people are leaving blue states and moving to red ones. Places like here in North Carolina have gained electoral votes and New York has lost them.

    The entire Democratic establishment is being slowly destroyed and the coolest part is. It is not us Republicans doing it, it is themselves.

  2. NYJets45

    Children often agree with parents, also if there was a democrat living in the midwest they might want to move to California or New York where people i agree with them.

  3. johncondo2001

    in 1960 the southern state votr dem,and cal and western state vote rep,it seen that way now but it will change

  4. MissB

    I’d say it’s a matter of history. The southern states have a love story with Republicans. They are mostly very conservatives. I think they just need a reality check. That’s all.

  5. Eric v

    cos the majority of people in that area have that opinion, and so they pass it on to their sons and daughters, and so on and so forth

  6. Judy M

    I think it’s just because people with similar political beliefs tend to group together. Probaby when the states were being made, people with similar ideas got together to form a state (and of course they would like to put it near another state that they would get along with). This could be wrong, but that’s my theory.

  7. City Girl

    People who live in the coastal states are more educated.
    I don’t know why – but, they’re the Dems.
    It is strange – I must agree.
    Something in the air?

  8. cowboyretta

    Because most kids grow up with what the parents were when they were growing up. If your mom and dad were republican then most of their kids will be the same.

  9. cliffpotts2005


  10. freemanbac

    I’m going to say that it is because of the enviroment of the places. Dems push for more gov’t control and Reps push for less gov’t control. In the big cities gov’t has a real presence. In rural areas people tend to look after each other. In big cities there is a big gap from the richest person to the poorest person. In the rural area you won’t see a lot of people living in the streets, but you won’t also see people driving around in Limos either. Also, you can’t forget about moral issues. In the big cities there is a lot more different beliefs where as in a more rural town there is usually just one, and since this is a country where Christianity is the majority, most of the mind set is based on that. So overall, I say that each party provides more or appeals more to there own seperate enviroment.

  11. tyrone b

    Northern States tend to vote Democrats.
    Southern States Republican just like during the Civil War.
    Not all of them though.
    There are a lot of hispanics in California that’s why they lean towards the democrat. New York’s always a democrat.


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