Why do gays seek to overturn a legitimate vote. Do you believe in democracy or mob rule?

By admin ~ December 24th, 2010 @ 6:02 am
The people of CA have already spoken twice on the issue of gay marriage on two different proposition votes.
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19 Responses to Why do gays seek to overturn a legitimate vote. Do you believe in democracy or mob rule?

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    Do you really think it is fair to have the majority tell a minority group they do not deserve the same rights?

  2. music blog

    They only belive in whatever in their advantage…period.

  3. kitchen gadgets

    they seek to overturn a legitimate vote because the liberals have had a policy of appeasement up until now. Therefore the persons you are inquiring about have been trained to scream and stomp their feet until mommy comes along and makes it all better, giving them what they want. its all a matter of bad parenting.

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    joe has the best answer … a majority vote for a minority group is completely unfair and really makes no sense.

  5. baptism favors

    its political correctness, special interest groups only believe in democracy when it works for them, fact is the countries political system is based on votes, you can’t ask for a vote,lose and then demand it anyway,the people of a country make the laws,the people don’t want it.

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    Well, so long as a mob says that something is true and legal and ‘ok’ then it must be.

    You know, much like those Supreme Court decisions (Dredd Scott) where facts have been established and that is that. Its nice to know we now have 3/5ths of a President now, cause that is what the original Constitution established him as.

    Bigotry, if enshrined in the law in any form, eventually gets changed, no matter what version of ‘people’ try to prevent it.

  7. music blog

    Because it’s a fight for civil rights.
    I’ve been hearing this a lot lately and the more I hear it, the more it sinks in.
    Think of the civil rights movement. How many laws were passed against African Americans before it was finally decided that African Americans and Caucasian Americans deserved the same rights?
    It is not democracy if it involves discrimination.

  8. weddings

    Prop 8 is mob rule. Civil rights of a nations minorities are not an issue for a popular vote.

  9. bridezillas

    Because they deserve to marry, and they know their logic is justified. It’s as simple as that.

    Also, if a large group of people who many see as “bigots” and “uneducated idiots” decided that you should not live with the same rights as them, would you just give up because the majority has spoken? I seriously doubt it. Just because it is popular opinion, it does NOT mean it is the correct course of action that should be taken.

  10. business guide

    Mob Rule!!!! Woooo!!!!

    no, i just hope that people change their mind sooner or later, preferably sooner. It’s just not fair that two people of the same gender can’t get married – people can’t change their sexuality. And people being against gay marriage is just pissy.

  11. kitchen gadgets

    Why should people that aren’t affected by this proposition have a say? its like asking abled people whether or not disabled people should have priority parking.

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    You fail. ;~;


  13. wedding fans

    IT was an unconstitutional change & also it was heavily backed financially by the mormon church which is also unconstitutional ’cause there is supposed to be a separation of church & state & not to mention the fact that this is supposed to be a country of EQUALITY.

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    I was under the impression that they were using protests, not mobs. Our democratic government gives people the right to protest. I’m sure that if the results were reversed, people who wanted to ban equal marriage would be protesting too.

  15. baby shower favors

    We voted on it and yes on 8 won. This is a government by the people and for the people, and the people spoke. It was a fair vote and the outcome is to be respected. I am getting sick of this situation being compared to the civil rights struggle of the 60’s. Last i checked gay people were not told they couldnt use the same restrooms or eat in the same diners as straight people. I havent seen anyone unleash the dogs or turn on the firehoses during protests! So stop making comparisons!

  16. sell excess wedding stuff

    Very simple. The majority does not have the right to deny a civil right to a minority it doesn’t happen to like.

    It was the courts, not majority rule, that overturned slavery, segregation, and race-based barriers to voting. It was the courts that legalized gay sex in the states that refused to allow the right of consent. Just because the majority doesn’t like a particular behavior or lifestyle doesn’t give them political license to criminalize it or deny equal rights.

  17. magento themes

    The image of Marriage has changed over the years. Religion should have nothing to do with the rights of individuals. You want to get technical, Polygamy was ‘honored’ in the Biblical days, and so that is written in the stories of the Bible.

    If two people want to commit into a relationship, and be civilly/fiscally married in the eyes of the law, there should not be any ‘other’ ruling at all. Freedom and democracy is what gives us these rights. It is unconstitutional to deny these civil rights, period. There are many here in Florida, that are heterosexual, elderly, and are in a committed relationship, now, this is deemed ‘not legal’, so Joe can’t sit by Agnes’ side, before her operation, and if they are not together, living together over 10 years and one dies, the other has NO claim to the deceased’ assets, which is also not fair, nor should be ‘ruled’ , goverened or decided by this ‘law’. It is not for you to decide.

    Here we are, glorifying Civil rights, Obama is our new President, yet you think you, or your religion, have the right on who weds, and who doesn’t? Preposterous!

    Now, as far as the Church goes, yes, the Church has their own rights to deem what is a marriage in their eyes, and what isn’t. If anything, the ‘supporting of’ committed relationships is something all Religions should want, should help, should entice!!

    IT IS and was “DIVORCE” that Religions were/are against. It was DIVORCE, that Christ’s teachings and the Jewish religion, is against. It is DIVORCE that Muslim teachings are against. Get it? Got it? Good!

  18. wine party favors

    Because it is unconstitutional to ban or revoke a minority’s civil rights at the whim of the majority when the constitutions guarantees equal protection under the law.

    Secondly, if this prop isn’t overturned, it sets a bad precedent….and other minority groups’ civil rights may become null and void. Now do we want that for this country? I think not!

  19. wedding countdown

    Cause something as important as citizens’ rights shouldn’t have to be decided by a public vote. IT SHOULD BE GUARANTEED. How would you like it if all of a sudden there was a Proposition that would eliminate men’s rights to vote. It’s a basic right that should be standard for all..
    It’s so silly.


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