Nostradamus Election Prediction

By admin ~ December 17th, 2010 @ 11:48 am

Ever since the campaigning for this election began (which was, basically, immediately after the 2004 votes were tallied and a winner was declared) and especially once the campaigning began in real earnest (which was the day after that), but most especially once the field was winnowed down to the two major contenders, Nostradamus experts have been frantically searching through The Seer’s predictions for clues. Bloggers have been poring over every quatrain, scrupulously scrutinizing each one, line by line, trying to detect a definitive indication of an outcome in the upcoming Democracy Derby.

While some lines are open to interpretation, a particularly puzzling line has been receiving a lot of attention from the various websites:

“Neither one nor the other will be elected.”

Some websites believe the line refers to allegations that the candidates’ eligibility to assume the high office is in question. Article II’s stipulation that the president must be a natural born citizen would disqualify both contenders, since John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and Barack Obama’s birth bona fides have been legally challenged in court.

Others wonder if the election will even take place at all. Under the war powers granted to the president by Congress, the Commander-in-Chief has the absolute authority to cancel an election in the event of a national emergency. That could be anything from a natural disaster to a terrorist attack on our soil to actually declaring war.

Now that the Cold War is heating up, that possibility no longer seems so far-fetched. The October surprise could very well turn out to be a smoking gun.

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