Musharaff Survival Way to Peace in Asia – Part-2

By admin ~ November 28th, 2010 @ 5:00 am

My dear readers I have earlier commented on about the true vision of General President of Pakistan General Parvez Musharaff (GPM) with authority that only he can rein in the fundamentalists not only in own country but all over Asia. Neither Mrs. Bhutto nor Mr Nawaz has the courage to go against the fundamentalist. Both these leaders, who leave country on minor pretext to be comfortable in London or Jeddah houses has made millions of rupees of Nation and went away to foreign countries when people at home are dying not due to natural calamity such as hunger and famine but due to unwanted bloodbath of hatred and revenge. How can a person be President or Prime Minister when he or she is having million of rupees asset in other countries and do not share pain and sufferings of local.

In my previous article, I have analyzed the role of democracy in Pakistan and its effect on people in South East Asia (SEA) in general and on India in particular. A most important question has been haunting me ever since I have tried to debate about the role of Pakistan that is, what is the true status of Pakistan as a Nation? Has she transformed from a rogue State to a social State or still remained the same. In contrast, readers would agree that there is no change in outlook towards, neighbors, Islam and World.

Why should Musharaff remain as the President of Pakistan? I feel that if as long as GPM is in the saddle and holding the reins of Pakistan, he can effectively control and manage a peaceful atmosphere. My analysis is based on his past performance and his personal conduct as a General and President both. I would say that:

One, to control the fundamentalist, GPM is the only choice in Pakistan to rule the nation. Bhutto or Nawaz both have been the head of State but they were tamed by the fundamentalists to their will. The mushrooming of fundamentalist factories in Pakistan would suffer a major jolt. I am sure if world supports GPM, these fundamentalist would be knelt before law.

Two, GPM is only capable to check and control the outflow of terrorists in the world. He is the right choice for right job. If people of Pakistan want that they should live in peace, there is no better ruler than him.

Three, I would support the emergency and Rule of Law (ROL). Why most of the people oppose him because of check on their various illegal activities and comforts which they are habitual of. The lawyers’ agitation against GPM is one side attempt to bring justice to unjust people. I ask why hundred of cases are pending in Courts? Who is to be blamed? Our learned judges do not want to spend one hour extra in office. The Justice to a Common Ordinary Man (COM) is generally a distant dream. I suggest that lawyers should stop agitation and support him to bring ROL.

Four, who will be benefited from democracy and ROL. A COM would always be benefited, It is only corrupt politicians, fundamentalists and criminals mafia would be sufferer. There should be no worry for a common man.

Fifth, the ban of media is more or less justified. Most of the media people are adults who do not know how to clean ass after shit they talk about national and international policies and ROL. Infact, in the name of bring truth, most of the channels have gone wonky. Indian news channels can cover hours of hours to show how a film star shits in his toilets but they have not time to report about poor administration. I suggest that:-

1. Media should be responsible and accountable,

2. Reporting truth does not mean insulting an institution or individual what most of the media people do now a days. Rather, Print media is more sensitive

3. Truth with sensitivity and objectivity,

4. Being objective does not mean insult to others

5. Thinks media can also be wrong

6. Support State in maintaining peace and not unrest

7. Hold State supreme and people next rather boasting media claims

8. Support GPM to support Democracy.

Sixthly Pakistan needs strong leader to prevent export of terrorism and fundamentalism. It is only GPM or any strong military leader can do so. One should not think that any democratic government or Bhutto or Nawaz can do so. I may agree with any North West Frontiers Province (NWFP) leader who can also do. There is a strong perception amongst NWFP leaders that military leader is a threat to their survival but NWFP leaders do not realize the real impact of fundamentalist on world. Presently Pakistan and Pakistani are suspected not only for exporting fundamentalists but also terrorists. It is a strong government in Pakistan can contain terrorism as Saudi Arabian Government is doing.

Eighthly, I would like to ask as to why Pakistan has not been able to adopt a moderate government so far? Readers would agree with me especially Pakistani that it is all due to strong fundamentalist’s penetration in entire Pakistan Government machinery and forces. Even Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is also not free from it. Infact, earlier the schools of terrorism were run under the direct patronage of ISI as it was the main source of funding. The international terrorism like Daud Ibrahim was born in a day or overnight but there was sustain ISI network behind it in making him. He was an innocent criminal as any other, but making him international terrorist is attributed to ISI only. The journey of Daud from a local criminal to international Terrorist was facilities by nonetheless ISI only. How many people’s death is accredited to Daud god knows and how he would repent the bloodshed of innocents?

Ninthly, I feel that the establishing Democracy in Pakistan now days would open a Pandora box of internal strife and unrest. The chain of suicide attacks and fundamentalist’s urge to dominate Muslim nation’s internal politics in the name of threat to Islam or religion would never end. There is always an Osama in all Muslim dominated States who wants to implement Shriat (Code of Islamic Law) and establish male dominant society where a female witness value is half of male evidence. It is only GPM who can keep religion out of State politics and none else.

The readers would also agree that the presence of GPM would also bring peace in SEA and with all neighboring countries. The blow to fundamentalist’s strong hold about two months back had jolted most of the fundamentalist’s setups and forced them to curtail their activities. Though his policy on keeping Kashmir issue alive serves governments of both India and Pakistan politics irrespective of the blood that flows in the hills of Jammu and Kashmir soil is of whom.

I hope people would support GPM and pave the way for a genuine democracy in Pakistan and prevent fundamentalist spread in the world. Readers’ views are solicited at
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