It is Politics As Usual – A Book Review on Taking Sides

By admin ~ October 25th, 2010 @ 4:21 am

How much do you know about world politics? Geopolitics can be one of the most interesting subjects, and if you’d like to learn more, perhaps you need to dive into the challenges of our time, and understand all sides of the debate. I believe that’s the best way to approach it, and if you agree, there’s a very good book I’d like to recommend to you, the name of the book is;

“Taking Sides – Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in World Politics” by John T. Rourke.

In this book the author asks some pretty tough questions, about some of the most challenging and problematic issues of our time. Each chapter adds to the chaos and controversy of world events in our present period. And there are many questions, which perhaps have no answer, however are debated by scholars and academics alike. In fact, one of the tough questions is frequented by those that write articles in foreign affairs, the economist, and in letters to the Washington Post and New York Times.

“Is the Capitalist model for Third World development destructive?”

This is a very tough question, and one that is always discussed at the Davos World Economic Conference. But there are more comments, questions, and concerns in this book for instance;

“Is economic globalism a positive trend?”

The international monetary fund or IMF suggests that globalism should serve all, but countries and corporations often exploit the labor. Everyone benefits if we are all on the same page, even if it undermines their national sovereignty temporarily. The debaters also discuss international cooperation and choice in trade. And they discuss issues of global governance, and if it is right if it is forced? One debater suggests that the European Union is in danger of a revolution of culture and economics, however the academics of Europe have an answer for that as well.

If you want to get at the heart of the debate of the new world order, how to run the United Nations, a global currency, or a global trade free market place, there is probably no better book to start out with to hear all the different sides of the chaos and controversy surrounding these topics. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.

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