Do you really think your political agenda is reaching people on yahoo?

By admin ~ October 5th, 2010 @ 2:26 pm
This is for the many people asking rhetorical and inane political questions on yahoo. Do you really think your demographic is being reached on yahoo answers? Do you really think the majority of them even vote? Do you really think you are doing anything more useful than putting your thumb where the sun doesn’t shine?

This is not the place to spread a message. It’s a place of entertainment. Please quit with all the smear agendas; you aren’t reaching the people who care anyway.
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12 Responses to Do you really think your political agenda is reaching people on yahoo?

  1. Doctor B

    yay–a sensible person.

  2. dinymok

    No, you are correct.

    And it is Fun!!!

    I love the Liberals that Hate America—- and have never held a job, for even a day in their lives.

  3. NYC Hillary Supporter

    If you don’t care, then why are you complaining?

    There’s a thing called freedom of speech … look into it.

  4. midcenturydesigner

    I used to believe that too. But I was proven wrong when Washington ala, McCain and Feingold tried to pass the Immigration Reform Bill. There was such an out cry and especially here on Yahoo. Many people were against it, but the general media wasn’t reporting it. What happened? It was stopped dead in its tracks. People called and emailed there congressmen and senate.

    I was seeing alot of sentiment against it here on Yahoo, but none in the media.

  5. larry

    nonsense yes you are right but it makes for good entertainment

  6. Father Ted

    Im not the person who would ask “Is the world a conspracy?”
    But truthfully people who ask thus sorts of questions are wanting attention and wanting to feel smart.They want the reader to give you a stars and another thing when you go to Yahoo Answers and it says “The Best Of Answers” it shows questions with 80 or 300 stars.Their you go that is why people ask thus sorts of questions.

  7. jewels15

    No, It keeps me entertained at work.

  8. bigdog1412000

    You are wrong. I care and so do many. Why do you thing Yahoo Answers works so well.

  9. Michael P

    WOW, very good question.

  10. Dani G

    lol. i love it.

  11. shark&awe

    Get real. Don’t tell other people what to do.

  12. maural ragin


    but if you think this site is truly a vacuum, why would you dissuade us from wasting our time and effort in this way


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