Democratic Party’s Position On Major Issues In Elections 2008

By admin ~ October 23rd, 2010 @ 1:36 pm

The Democratic Party is looking to regain the White House after eight years. Whether they succeed or not will depend on their stated positions on major issued affecting the lives of all Americans. If a majority of the electorates views match the Democratic candidate’s own opinions, the chances of occupying the White House are bright. So what is the Democratic Party’s stand on major issues. Here they are.

1. Economic Issues:

Democrats favor a higher minimum wage and more regular increases in order to assist the working poor. Democrats have opposed tax cuts and incentives to oil companies, favoring a policy of developing domestic renewable energy. Democrats believe that they always provide a balanced budget. They are in favor of higher taxes on the rich and businesses and better control on government spending to keep budget deficit under control. Democrats favor affordable and quality health care and more government intervention in this area. Democrats will strengthen environmental protection laws and impose stringent sanctions on polluters. Democrats aim to provide low-cost publicly funded college education with low tuition fees and increase availability of grants and scholarships. Democratic Party is in support of a progressive tax structure and has vowed to adjust the Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT) to give permanent AMT relief for those tax payers who were never meant to pay it.
2. Social Issues:
Democratic Party supports equal opportunity for all Americans and favors affirmative action as a way to redress past discrimination. Democratic believes that discrimination against persons because of their sexual orientation is wrong, support adoption rights for same-sex couples and opposes the military’s “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy. Democratic Party supports easy access to women for birth control and public funding of contraception for poor women. Democratic Party strongly supports all stem cell research.

3. Foreign Policy Issues:
Democrats believe in use of military force against those responsible for attacks against the United States and a majority voted for invasion of Afghanistan, while being divided (29 for and 21 against) on attacking Iraq. Democrats usually oppose the doctrine of unilateralism and believe that the United States should act in the international arena through strong alliances and international support.

4. Legal Issues:
Democrats oppose the use of torture as an instrument of interrogation of military prisoners. Democratic Party supports the right to individual privacy and supports legal restrictions on monitoring by law enforcement agencies. Democrats believe in preventive methods of crime control and emphasize improved community policing. Democratic Party favors gun control measures and introduced Gun Control Act of 1968, the Brady Bill of 1993 and Crime Control Act of 1994.

Now you know the Democrats position on various issues of national importance affecting the common citizen’s life. Did that help you make-up your mind? Hope so.

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