Do we the American people want a Democrat contolled House and senate with a Democtrat president?

By admin ~ September 16th, 2010 @ 12:03 pm

I ask, because whenever one party controls both the presidency and congress, the policies that come out become more extreem. If we have Obama as president with Democtrats contolling both the house and the senate, their will be no bipartisonship, and we will see some of the most liberal policies come out of an Obama presidency if he is elected.
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45 Responses to Do we the American people want a Democrat contolled House and senate with a Democtrat president?

  1. Javier Cenesteo

    the american people are getting smarter

  2. areallthenamestaken

    Only the socialist ones.

  3. Pancakes

    If that happens, hold on to your wallet.

  4. happy 2b rt

    It will be the beginning of the end of our once beautiful nation.

  5. Tim J

    Simple.. Because as Republicans we did a terrible job… I am a conservative and I am also in that camp. I am sick and tired when I see the shear amount of corruption that currently exists in the system and allot of it is Republicans…

  6. Gondien

    No, I don’t.

  7. Delgarits

    Yep, I sure do.

  8. I'm always right.

    No Jimmy Carter was in that situation and the country was a disaster. Only thing great in the USA then was the 1980 hockey team.

  9. Natasha B

    well we dealt with it with republicans so I am willing to try it…

  10. Unfrozen Caveman

    so that would be the opposite of what the bush years had.
    yes i would love to see that

  11. everybody's got one

    “we will see some of the most liberal policies come out of an Obama presidency if he is elected.”

    Exactly. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

  12. winnie

    Sounds beautiful to me.

  13. vicsikix

    No checks and balances like that could acturally lead to a dictatorship like Cuba did.

  14. OBAMABOT Avro Arrow

    Damn right! It’s the only way they’ll be able to get anything done without having the republicans biting their ankles like the snakes in the grass that they are.

    America NEEDS more liberal policies. How is it that Canada, Sweden and the UK outrank America in almost every health, education, standard of living and population morale category in the UN polls? It’s ridiculous considering the wealth and population differences! They have the liberal policies in place and they prosper! America doesn’t and gets a big recession. Then you get idiots saying that if America becomes more like Canada, Sweden and the UK, it’ll be like the Soviet Union! It’s the biggest insult to the people’s intelligence!

  15. bigDcowgirl

    Not good when one party controls both the legislative and executive branch of the government.

  16. abfabmom1


    In all truth, this is the one thing that has me worried about Obama winning, as I don’t believe that either party has the best interests of American citizens at heart. But I can’t in good conscience vote for McCain, so I guess we’ll have to see whether or not these politicians are the ethical people we hope they are.

  17. michelob86

    That’s the idea, there, Ace. Look where mostly Conservative policies have gotten us.

  18. Skitter

    No. Everytime this has happened in the past we get the most divisive programs started and can never get rid of them. Similar situations created the generational welfare families and a host of other horrid atrocities.

    Vote no to socialism.

  19. Baccheus

    Yes. The Republican party as it is must go away. Should a new fiscally conservative party arise it will easily recapture majorities in congress.

  20. Morton Downey Jr.

    Yes… the republicans did so much damage when they were in control its time to make a change.

  21. The Planet

    This American does. The Democrats lived through it with 6 of the 8 Bush years. The Republicans will live through it for the next 4 to 8 years if Obama is elected and the house and senate ride in on his coat tail.

  22. Steven

    Not to mention we need to vote out the ones that passed the Bail out plan..

  23. Banana Phone

    It’s very bad. I’m not going to sit here and say the Dem’s are going to pass whatever they like, but they are and it’s the truth. Having an all Democratic house, senate and president eliminates the check and balance system that the American democracy is built upon. It’s like the Dem’s want to change the entire country and not just our direction.

  24. ladytoobusytotalk

    NO, No, No, help, help, help, ????///////////////////////////////////////////////?????????????????? ////////// ////

  25. gop_lisa

    You know whats funny? All the democrats talk about how we had it under the Bush administration and look how bad things are now. What they seem to forget is that for the last two years the Democrats have had control of the house and Senate and things have gotten progressively worse over those two years.

  26. Justin Case

    Only the most delusional.

  27. blueevent47

    I have to ask, forgive me: were you making the same comments when it was a Republican controlled Congress and Presidency?


  28. sum1infla

    no worse than the 1 party Congress we had during the first 6 years of the Bush Presidency

    We will have a Dem Congress If Mccain does get in they will butt heads and still nothing done

    If Obama gets in there are factors to consider
    1) You will still have Blue Dog Dems in their and they tend to be on the conservative side

    2) The Congress knows they will be watched.. The American public isn’t going to stand still anymore… If they go to far or don’t get the job done they can get thrown out too

    The key is for us all to stay informed and let them know when they step out of bounds

  29. Sageandscholar

    So your new strategy would appear to be “after the incredibly irresponsible way Republicans have run the country since 2000, lining our own pockets at the expense of most Americans, we absolutely understand you will not let us near a majority in congress for a long long time (and rightly so) but to stop something not quite as bad as the dire mess we made from happening next please let one of us have some power”.
    Novel approach – it does win over most Republican strategies this election in that it has an element of truth to it.
    Good luck with it – we’ll see how you go.

  30. Hey there

    Its never good when one party has total control of everything.

  31. Stupid Question Terminator

    Palin says “You bet’cha”!

  32. wordweevil

    No, but its the lesser of two evils. (That is, McCain and/or his running mate as president with a Democrat dominated Congress)

  33. The Boss

    But Nancy just promise that it would be more bi-partisan.

    Sorry, yeah, she said that when she was sworn in back in 2007 and turned off the lights when the republicans wanted to bring up drilling for new oil off the coast.

    Then went on her pop up book tour.

  34. fdm215

    This American does.

  35. moo goo gai pan

    hell no, but what’s interesting is that back in the 70s it was said that one day the people will vote for democracy and unknowingly elect communism and putting Obama,polosi,and reid in that position you stated is exactly what we will have//man no checks and balance////

  36. Melting Media EAC

    Yes, we both want and NEED it.

  37. paradoxities

    These are the most vocal and liberal elected people, and they do NOT represent the American people!

    Intelligent Dems for McCain!

  38. jperrit

    Oh my God ! This is a disaster waiting to happen. It is going to be worst than ever. At least for the next two years it is going to be awful until America throws out all the incumbents and changes the congress and the senate. Hope it is not too late. We are heading into turbulent skies with a mountain in front of us. Hope we won’t crash.

  39. Bill O

    A true receipee for disaster….
    and just think, all those Leftist Judges yearning for retirement from the Supreme Court and waiting out Bushes term so they get replaced by another Leftist!
    Lets make them wait 4 more years! “Cause you just wait till we get 2-3 more liberal nut jobs on the High Court!

  40. Madame ~ Ohio's Maverick

    I’m all for it!

  41. rexnezzy

    Haven’t policies become more extreme in the past eight years – foreign policy, the Patriot Act, etc? We had one party leadership during the Great Depression and it worked. That could very well be what we need now.

    And Obama isn’t that liberal, that’s just rhetoric. THINK FOR YOURSELF!

  42. just me

    Yes. Everyone of the records that have been broken this year concerning, unemployment, national debt, gdp, dow jones as indicating that our country on the down turn WAS BROKEN in a year that a Republican was in office.

    Republicans does NOT tax, they BORROW from countries that are not even a democracy and spend like a drunken sailor. Then they point the finger at democrats for having to raise taxes to balance the budget.

  43. Panda

    We hold elections every two to four years . . not sure why no one on the Republican side seems to realize this . . if the Democrats are voted into office and they don’t do a good job . . they can be voted out of office . . just like hopefully we are doing to the Republicans right now.

    Anyway . .it is time for the Republicans to go for now . .they have messed up the economy . . they have bailed out Wall Street billionaires using our tax dollars . . let’s give the Democrats a chance to see what they can do. It’s time for a changing of the guard.

  44. amylou

    it would be a dream come true. and it’s about time- i don’t think the policies will be to extreme- i think the people have spoken in first voting as to having the dems’ control he house and senate, and second in hopeful electing a dem president- the Republicans had control of everything up until two years ago and see what shape we are in now… it would be a step in the right direction.

  45. David M

    It would be Horrible for either the Republicans, Democrats or Independents to have no limitations on their actions. This is also stated by the parties themselves. Our government only works with Checks and balances and when they are removed it is only Negative for EVERYONE.

    If the past 8 years are considered bad, the next two years will be Far, Far worst with only one party with the power. I hope we ALL are prepared for a government out of control during one of the most critical times of our nation and requiring Strong, Definitive Leadership with oversight – as in the other party to help control the direction.

    I Hope this Helps!!


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