Why are Democrats playing politics with nation security?

By admin ~ August 2nd, 2010 @ 4:03 pm
Common sense tells us that we must do whatever necessary to keep Americans safe. But Democrats are playing soft by getting rid of torture, closing Gitmo, and giving terrorists public trials. These policies will make America less safe and everyone knows it. So why are Democrats playing politics with people’s lives???
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10 Responses to Why are Democrats playing politics with nation security?

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    It’s not politics, it’s human rights. GITMO, trials without habeas corpus, it’s all unconstitutional.

  2. never say never

    politicians playing politics? you thought they do something else?

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    Because democrats (namely liberals) are the children of America. The Locked republicans out of their debate. The have no foresight, and (like the american auto industry) are willing to trade long-term benefits for short term gain (in the form of college voters)

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    They can’t help themselves.

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    That’s what they do best.

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    President Bush released over 500 detainees from Gitmo and in 7 years only 3 convictions. I am sorry that the thought of some weak low life terrorist being tried in the U.S. terrifies you. So you should just lock yourself in your house and think about the young men and women right out of high school fighting them in their own countries.

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    Because they are politicians, and that is what they do.

    Before today’s age, where you have to have experience (technically, you don’t, but you won’t get elected unless you’ve done something recognizable) anyone could run. This meant that the people would elect someone from their own ranks, not someone who has been born in the House and raised in the Senate.

    George Washington was a land surveyor, Abraham Lincoln was an attorney. They didn’t grow up in the center of a political game, they were common people with common beliefs.

    Also, it’s not unconstitutional to have them detained in a military prison. They were more secure there, away from the public, and away from their terrorist buddies. They weren’t abused and beaten, but they weren’t given lollipops and let out to play.

    For future reference, do not elect a ‘politician’ kind of politician.

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    Our troops are currently fighting to protect our freedoms and values as the military has done since the revolution. Torture is against our laws and we have signed treaties forbidding its use. We abhor the idea that our troops would be tortured. Doing what is right and moral does not mean you are soft, it means we are a moral and just people. Our constitution set up our court system. It works very well. We have tried terrorists successfully in the past and are perfectly capable of doing it again. The terrorists who used explosives on the towers the first time were tried, convicted and are rotting in jail. This is not a democratic party issue, it is an American values issue. God bless the republic of America and may we always strive to live up to our values and the tenants of the constitution.

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    It is not “common sense” to do “whatever is necessary to keep Americans safe.” We have a Constitution and if it is not honored, then we have no foundation for this country. Torture doesn’t work, the prison and Gitmo was a bad idea to begin with, and the United States government operates under compliance of the law. All these policies railed against have made the United States FAR less safe.

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    The democrats playing politics with our national security is nothing new.
    What do you think got us into WW1, WW2, Korean war, Vietnam war?


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