What is the impact that the American Revolution had on the coming of democracy?

By admin ~ August 16th, 2010 @ 2:37 pm
Hi, I tried searching for the answer in couple of sites including encyclopedias, but I still couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. Do any of you know the answer? Thanks.

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    There is a group of people who would rather change a country ruler by other than democracy with out open revolution with forced arms. This has happened in the past India for one. Other than 2-3 examples it takes brute force and time to swich over. Many times it takes occupation for over a generation. Such was the case here in America, we drove the English out and then were faced with France and Spain who assisted us hoping to replace the English.
    Note each generation is taught a different version of most history.

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    The American Revolution ocurred at a time when most of the nations of the world were monarchies. Most of these nations were ruled by kings, queens, princes who were supported by an aristocracy of nobles like dukes, barons, earls. Most of the common people had little or no rights. The American Revolution served as a model that people can have control of their destiny. That people have the right to be governed by their own consent. This is in opposition to the devine rights of kings. So the American Revolution led to the rise of the common man. Even though most American men couldn’t vote in the beginning and no women, the vote was eventually extended to all citizens. The American Revolution also led to the French Revolution in 1789 where they established a republic. There were further revolutions in Europe in 1830 and 1848. There were revolutions in South America against colonial Spain. Simon Boliver, who led revolts, is often called “the George Washington of South America”. There were also people in Asia and Africa who wanted independence from the European colonial nations. This was inspired by the earlier American Revolution. Today most nations in the world are republics. I hope that this has been a help to you.


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