President Barack Obama Has Proven That US Democracy is Dead

By admin ~ August 7th, 2010 @ 11:05 pm

Present Barack Obama is seriously considering doing away with a lot of the social security benefits program and he actually has people listening to that kind of talk. It indicates that government is not listening to what elected officials in the validly-operating US Democracy must do, the voters.

US Government is a regal power in itself. It follows its own plans. It often will not listen to the people.

The president and people in Congress are up against the largest single group of people in the country- -the now-retirement-age-reaching baby-boomers and others already retired. In a real democracy this group would make any elected official shake in his/her reptilian leather boots; yet here are some elected officials scheming to give these baby-boomers an incredible wallop in their financial arrangements for retirement.

Say, we have a baby-boomer who started paying into social security since age 15 in the year 1962) as help in a hamburger joint. This individual has effectively paid 50 years into the social security funds and, all along, expects to reap the benefits of all his sacrifices each year when he reaches 65 years of age in the year 2012. This poor individual may very well see all his sacrifices go up in smoke.

What is going to happen if President Barack Obama gets his way; and what will happen to this above-mentioned worker if this individual had never been able to save money for retirement? How is this person going to survive? Is the government going to reimburse him for the unfulfilled contract? No, because social security payments are considered by government to be part of the general tax base. What, if he is unable to work? He cannot qualify for disability because he is of retirement age.

Why is the key item of our now well-established, socialist-government system under such severe attack? What would be left of our great expectations of socialism and the Great Society? Were these only propaganda schemes to begin with? He is obviously a mouthpiece for individuals behind the scenes of government!

Also, why invite millions of uneducated people into the country by providing all sorts of socialist benefits to them while at the same time neglect domestic groups of people needing help. Illegal aliens are, politically, not truly welcome. So why open the borders to help millions of them over the border.

We now have well over 14,000,000 illegal aliens in the country. This is a scandal. I do not mind them coming, but then make it official. Give them a green card and make them pay taxes and social security payments.

Why would the president want to disadvantage the single largest political identifiable group of voters to help people who have never been officially productive in the US at all? It seems to me that social contracts such as social security, once established in law and put in operational status where people are forced to make weekly contributions to the system, is frozen in political concrete. Such a law, affecting every working person in America, was intended to last perpetually as long as the present system of government is in effect.

It is terrifying that such social security can be uprooted and its root system trimmed to get a dwarf system that will not do anybody any good. What is left of our confidence in government? The military is not financially strangled, why would the taxpayers be?

If such a proposal can actually be brought about so that the largest voting group in the nation is seriously harmed thereby, one can begin to understand how futile it is continue to have confidence in our government.

US government and all its state governments are bankrupt. The Federal Reserve System is these entities’ holding system and owner. The national debt is well over 10 trillion. It took government only some 15 years to run the national debt from the first trillion of debt to get to a 10 trillion national debt. What will the debt be in 2020? It must be well over 30 trillion. You can see that our present method of managing the national currency must destroy America.

Remember, the entity that controls the national currency could not care less who is in command in government. Elected national officials are now only used as mouth pieces for the Federal Reserve System.

Why is Obama, instead, not fighting to pull US armed forces from the wars US government is now involved in and so begin to restore government’s financial recourses?

It is true that the cost of benefits to this group of retiring baby-boomers may be overwhelming, but the past members of Congress and the president who placed the system into law should have considered such items before they put Social Security into operation.

If US government would cease its incessant war-mongering there would be plenty of money for the social security system. It is not the people but government that is always warring; never for the sake of the people or even for US government, but for the United Nations which is but a subsidiary of the owners of the world, the International Monetary Fund.
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