Politics and People – A Book Review

By admin ~ August 11th, 2010 @ 7:28 pm

Often politicians running for office will write books, and many of them will use these books to rally their base of supporters. It’s always been an excellent tool for high-power politicians in the House and Senate or perhaps even running for president. Often governors of states will also write books and they use these books to propel their notoriety, and help establish themselves as experts of integrity and credibility.

Not long ago, I pulled an old book off my bookshelf by a politician that later became president. You will know his name he was once governor of Arkansas and his running mate at the time was a Senator from Tennessee just like his father, a man who would later also run for president and lose. Of course, you already know who I’m talking about, but the book that I like to recommend is;

“Putting People First; How We Can Change America,” by Gov. Bill Clinton and Senator Al Gore, 1992

Now before I explain this book, I’d like you know that I am conservative, and I doubt I would have ever voted for the gentleman. Although history has done Bill Clinton well except for his little escapade with that intern. In this book he talks about agriculture, arms control, the degradation of our cities, civil rights, the ADA, healthcare, immigration and all the problems and challenges in the Middle East. Yes, they’re still going on.

In hindsight, much of what he wrote in the book didn’t turn out all that well with him as president. His Agriculture initiatives turned into corporate welfare. His arms control ideas only caused North Korea to lie about its missiles and when it was his turn to catch Osama bin Laden; he missed. His civil rights initiatives turned into just more political correctness. And his healthcare concepts merely subsidized HMOs and created many billionaires.

As far as the American disabilities act, it’s been used all over the country by lawyers to sue small businesses. When it came to immigration he didn’t do anything, not that any other president did either, but it is interesting. He also was unable to solve the problem between Israel and Palestin, as if that was ever solvable or if there will ever be peace there.

He did indicate in the book that we need a civilian advanced technology agency, and I believe he was right about that. Anyway, it’s fun to read these old political books, because you can look at the history behind the words and see if they mean anything. Please consider all this.

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