Why Are Our Companies Supporting Countries That Do Not Support Democracy?

By admin ~ July 10th, 2010 @ 12:18 am

I believe that it is time for our companies to stop making all our basic products over seas where people are being used for cheap labor to support economies that do not support democracy for all people. I think that our companies are taking advantage of cheap over seas labor to make more profit then they should off of products that should be made here at home. I believe that this practice by our companies is making our need for supplies from other countries more then it should be. I think that it is time for people to start rebuilding our own economy first. I think that buy investing in our economy here at home again for our basic needs will create more jobs for people that are not working in our country.

I believe that companies have to support democracy in our country by making our products here at home again. I believe that making so much of our countries basic products over seas is just taking money and jobs that are needed out of our country. This will just weaken our economy it will give money to countries that abuse their labor force. I believe that our country is not only weaken by this our companies are supporting countries that do not support democracy.

I think that companies that sell their products here should make their products here at home where our own people can prosper from all these sales. Why are our home based companies going to start supporting democracy for all people. I know when one child or person works for less then a fair wage democracy takes two steps backwards. Supporting unfair labor over seas will just make democracy that much harder to support. How can our country preach democracy to other countries when our home based companies abuse their labor force to line the pockets of their government and our own companies.

Rebuilding our own economy to make products at home will once again make our country less dependent on other nations that use their children and people for unfair labor. I believe that for our country to make democracy work in all countries our nation must start making our people less dependent on other countries for every thing that our people need. This money should not only be put back into our economy this money will help build up our economy for all people.
I have watched and read about so many products made in other countries being called back because they are not made like they should be. This is because our companies are letting these people make inferior products just so their companies can make more profit. This happens because these people can not make a decent living because of unfair labor practice by these countries. I believe that it is time for our companies to stop supporting unfair labor in other countries just to make a few dollars more.

I believe by our companies supporting countries that abuse their labor for they are breaking the very laws of democracy that they live under. I hope that our home based companies will once again support our labor for to rebuild our products here at home. How many American troops have died fighting for democracy. While our companies are supporting other countries that do not have fair wage or democracy. Our troops are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan right now so that countries like china can make profit off the basic needs of our country.

I believe that if democracy is going to work all our people our government and our companies have to support this. I know by once again making our basic needs here at home will not just create jobs this will lesson our need to depend on other countries. I think that in order to make democracy work for all people our country has to set the example by not using unfair labor over seas to make our products. This will not only secure our commitment to democracy for our country this will be telling other countries you want to do business with this country make sure you have fair labor agreements with your people first.

I believe that this will pave the way towards creating democracy for all countries. I believe that no country should use their children or people line their own pockets. By supporting unfair labor practice in other countries our companies are supporting the practice of unfair labor abuse by countries that our country is trying to help achieve democracy. This will only weaken the fight to achieve democracy for all countries. I hope that our companies will make this a total country commitment for democracy by not just our government and our people this has to be done with the total support of our companies.

I believe that freedom and democracy is worth fighting for by all companies that want profit from the sales of their products. I hope that all companies will commit to making our country independent once again by making our products here at home. I believe that freedom and democracy must be achieved by all our country for this to finally work for all people. I hope that freedom of will and choice will over come need of greed to secure our nations needs to be make more of our products here at home.

As always I write with respect

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