Top 10 Sites For Discussing Politics Online

By admin ~ July 26th, 2010 @ 11:26 pm

With the 2008 Presidential elections swiftly approaching, for those of us in the United States, here are a few websites those who enjoy debating politics online may want to be aware of. These websites aren’t listed in any particular order and all are worth taking a look at:

A non-partisan government information portal designed to simplify the search for the best and most relevant government information online. GovSpot is a free resource offering a collection of hand selected government and civic resources.

It is one of the more useful and informative guide to government information on the internet.

A virtual resource center for U.S. citizens, students, educators, business people, government employees and anyone exploring the worldwide web for government information. makes it very easy to find government websites and political information.

Lots of websites talk about politics, but only a tiny few discuss anything other than one particular point of view. Very few discuss online advocacy and online politics broadly and as a craft the way it’s done at Focusing on what methods work and when, and without selling a particular product or consultancy.

A lively forum for those seeking to discuss politics online. All views on politics and other subject matter are welcome here.

CitizenJoe is a multi-partisan nonprofit website. With liberals, conservatives and in all those in between. The sites aims to engage all Americans in open, fact-based dialogue on national policy debates by cutting through the spin and getting past partisanship.

In the upcoming political season these are just a few websites to keep in mind if you enjoy discussing politics online.
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