No Room For Politics of Hate in Our Elections

By admin ~ July 30th, 2010 @ 3:50 pm

In the middle school I used to work at, one of our administrators was talking to the staff about dealing with the increase of poor student behavior that had been on the rise at our school. He made the remark that “if you allow it, you are promoting it”. I was reminded of those words as I was listening to the “kill him”, “off with his head”, remarks being blurted out at recent McCain/Palin rallies. If we don’t address that kind of stuff we are basically giving it a green light.

I was happy to see that John McCain has started to address some of these incendiary remarks. I’m hoping that both McCain and Palin and for that matter Obama and Biden as well, confront those outbursts directly and forcefully. I think it would be in the best interest of John McCain’s campaign, that the next time someone at one of his political rallies stands up and says something despicably hateful and threatening towards Barack Obama, that McCain or Palin need to stop whatever they are talking about and ask for the removal of those individuals from the crowd and tell folks that those kind of remarks won’t be tolerated. Not only is it the right thing to do, it would probably be the politically smart thing for him to do.

The frequency and level of angry, hateful, threatening remarks being delivered by the people attending their political rallies, is starting to become very disconcerting to me, as it is for others. It is one thing to hate a person’s point of view, their political positions and ideas, but to allow that hate to rise to the point of wishing physical harm to someone is completely irresponsible and should not be taken lightly. Evidently, the secret service isn’t taking it lightly, as they have begun their own investigation.

These are not happy times for Americans and for good reason. We are fighting two wars that are wearing thin with the public, our economy is sliding into one of the worst declines that we have had in over 50 years, and there is a level of distrust and disgust with our politicians and financial institutions that is reaching new highs each day. There is a high number of pissed off people out there. If one cannot recognize the high level of anxiety and free floating anger that is pervading our nation right now, he or she has obviously been somewhere else for the past month or so.

Both campaigns need to do what they can to not feed this anger frenzy. The current conditions are ripe for hatred and animosity to turn into something ugly and tragic that could have far reaching effects on our society and our nation. We cannot allow hatred to rule our lives and our future. We need to set an example for others to follow, we need set examples that our younger generation can look up to, and we need to set an example for the world. There is no place in America for that kind of hatred. Again, if we allow it…………we are promoting it.
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