Barack Obama – The Shining Pole Star of the Contemporary American Politics

By admin ~ July 17th, 2010 @ 10:51 am

His mother, Ann Dunham, on the other hand grew up in the small-town locality of Kansas. Her father was a worker in the oil rigs during the days of Depression in the 30’s; and then enrolled himself for World War II after the nationalistically percussive Pearl Harbor incident. There he marched across the whole of Europe in Patton’s army. While her mother went on to work in a bomber assembly line. After the war, they got their education in the G.I. Bill, purchased a house with the help of Federal Housing Program, and moved west to settle in Hawaii.

In fact it has been the richly varied experiences of Barack Obama’s life – growing up at different places in the company of those people who had differing opinions – that have animated as well as facilitated his political journey which has almost taken him to the forefront of greatest political glory in the world. Pleasantly embroiled in the tentative partisanship and bickering of today’s public debate, the new political star still believes in the capability to unite all people of all castes, creeds and classes around a mammoth and powerful focus of ‘politics of purpose’–a brand of politics that puts resolving of the challenges of common Americans ahead of partisan politics and narrow-minded gains.

While in the Illinois State Senate, it meant working constructively with both the Democrats and Republicans to help the working families move on by creating plans like the State Earned Income Tax Credit, which in a span of three years bestowed over $100 million in tax cuts to the really needy families across the state. Following the path of political prudence, he also successfully saw through the expansion of early childhood education; and once a number of inmates on death sentence were found to be innocent, Senator Obama collaborated with the law enforcement officials to make it mandatory for the videotaping of all the interrogations and confessions in most of the capital cases.

Working very diligently in the U.S. Senate, he focused on squaring up to the challenges of a globalized society in the 21st century using fresh thinking and a type of politics that no longer aims for the lowest common denominator of narrow and parochial demands. His first and most important law was cleared with Republican Tom Coburn. It dealt with a measure to reconstruct trust in the government by enabling every American to go online and watch how and on what every part of their tax dollars is spent. He has also been the leading voice in championing the cause of ethics reform that rooted out Jack Abramoff-type corruption in the Congress.

Barack Obama – The New Face of American by Martin Dupuis And Keith Boeckelman is a great book capturing the politically active masterful saga of the great politician. It is really a fantastic tribute to the pre-eminent political personality of the current times.

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