Why do people ask Why do people argue about politics at religion?

By admin ~ June 7th, 2010 @ 7:08 am
And then proceed to rant about how nobody knows how to answer their question. Why on EARTH did this person even post a question on a site like this one? Would love to understand and study this person’s brain. Might help science discover how to help people with cognitive dissabilities.
Just to be clear — I am not asking why people argue about politics and religion —

I am asking why people ask that question and then freak out about the answers. It’s like she didn’t read any of them. She just kep ranting.

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5 Responses to Why do people ask Why do people argue about politics at religion?

  1. practical favors

    1) Its fun.
    2) We live in a religious and political world.
    3) These topics are also entertaining, educational and quite
    often affect our lives intensely.
    I Corinthians 13;8a, Love never fails!!!!!

  2. kayaking

    Because some people enjoy arguing with people.

  3. proxy servers

    Argument where there is such a clear difference of opinion is natural, I think. But I also see your point: people ask a question, then abuse the answerer! Maybe it’s a classic case of letting off steam at the expense of others’ dignities.

  4. wordpress themes

    Might well be a Good Rule for some to never discuss religion or politics . And if
    cognitive disabilities are related to emotionally disturbed you hit the nail right on the head.

  5. work from home

    religion & politics control almost all people. when ‘the man’ keeps you down, you get angry.


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