When did you start to take an interest in politics?

By admin ~ June 5th, 2010 @ 2:18 pm
How old were you?
What were you doing at that point in your life?
What event sparked your interest?
What is you party affiliation?

I was 23.
Was in the Navy and Carter’s Iranian rescue mission had just gone down in flames.
Republican for now.
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16 Responses to When did you start to take an interest in politics?

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    I grew up in an Abolitionist Community with 100’s years of activism in it’s history

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    in high school
    Kennedy’s assassination
    At 21 (the legal age at that time) I registered as a Democrat
    but am much more of an independent.

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    I was 17.
    The presidential election.

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    Probably when Clinton lied about Monica, Jennifer and Paula…
    Quote…I did not have sex with that woman…had she not kept that blue dress with the DNA he would have gotten by with it.
    I love Democrats because of the drama but I am a patriotic Republican.
    mapsap called you a racist…you gotta love ’em….

  5. disapparate

    About 16.
    Nothing really.
    My political science class.
    I really do not have one. I’m very liberal but I do not like the Democrats so I guess I’m a liberal Independent.

  6. work at home mom

    As soon as I realized the politicians had an interest in my wallet.
    Carter years
    Voted for Reagan!!!!

  7. shopping cart software

    about 14(1994) when i saw what a bunch of thugs the left is because im Cuban and if you are against Castro you are a easy target for the left. Its a double bonus for them, im a minority and im “right wing”. The lefts hate has rained down on me- moderate more to right

  8. going green tips

    In 1980. I was just old enough to vote for the first time and my husband and I were saving up to start a business. The Iranian hostage crisis is what got me too. I don’t remember the name of the mission, but I can clear as day still envision those burnt helicopters crippled on the ground. How it affected me. I can’t imagine how you were feeling. Republican since then. Just sold the business after 25 years. Still have the husband! God bless you and thank you for your service.

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    My father taught Economic Geography at a major military institution, on of the Big 3.
    It was unavoidable!
    So I was about 7 when I became aware of world events…
    The recent events of Bush and 9/11 have re-kindled them
    Republican- but I like what you say. For now.
    If they don’t use footage of lies, lies, lies against Obama in the next campaign, I will consider anything else. I voted Perot and helped Clinton win, so I do not take this sort of thing lightly.

  10. magento themes

    Was a junior in high school.
    The war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    I’m an independent that believes in the constitution, and absolutely loves the US!

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    The year was 2001 when Bush ran the first time. For some reason Bush scared the hell out of me so I began paying attention. I was working, paying off my student loans and paying taxes.
    I am a Democrat.

  12. joomla blog

    In class
    9/11 (used to be an ignorant American, even though i was 11)

  13. wedding cameras

    I was about 20 years old. I became interested when I went to college, my roommate was a fan of Rush Limbaugh (this was when he had his TV program). I started watching the show and talking with my roommate about political issues and that is when my interest started.

    I started listening to talk radio around 2002 and I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Mark Levin for a while now. I have learned a lot by listening to talk radio it is very informative and I agree with their conservative point of view.

    I am a Republican but I wish the Republicans would stand for conservative principles and stop trying to please those on the left.

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    I’ve been interested since I’ve been old enough to vote at 18, I will be 40 in Aug. However at age 18 I was liberal and am now a conservative, Thank God. God bless.

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    The first year I was able to vote, I think it was 79. Got a job as a canvasser for Paul Carpenter for assemblyman. In California. Yep! Signed up as a democrat. I was a democrat until Clinton’s second run in office. I did think hard and long about voting for him the second time but did it any way. I mainly voted with the abortion issue, misguidedly thinking is was my choice, and then with all the crap he did in his presidency I changed to Republican and have been happy ever since. I did vote for Reagan though.

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    Not much.
    The election.


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