OODA Loop – Colonel Boyd’s Comments on Primate Politics (A Book Review)

By admin ~ June 29th, 2010 @ 8:41 am

Most jet fighter pilots, those who finished in the top of their military flight school, understand and accept Colonel Boyd’s principles of energy physics, truths that are necessary to winning in a aerial dog fight. Many bomber pilots who always longed to be fighter pilots but did not score high enough in flight school may understand the basic theory but they have never put the principles to the real test. Likewise in life there are those who in sports, business, politics and other endeavors who think they know what they are talking about but never fully understand what is going on all around them.

Not long ago, I read an interesting book that takes Colonel Boyd’s principles and applies them to the business world “Certain to Win” by Chet Richards. In this book he reiterates Colonel Boyd’s OODA Loop (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act). In life there are doers, talkers and those who watch what happened, reported on what happened or wondered what happened; then there are those who make things happen. Interestingly, enough there are very few doers to all the so-called arm-chair generals.

Those who make things happen understand the game, and play it at full-tilt, they are the winners and generally they are out there winning. They don’t eat To’food, quite frankly there is little time for that. What they do is observe, orient, decide and act; these are the warriors, not those who sit around in bagel shops, or call others names online, especially without fully understanding everything about the situation or individual.

Those who truly understand the OODA Loop Principle win because they understand the game and how to play it, they understand all aspects, all tactics and when it’s time to act, they do not hesitate. Those who underestimate such folks, well they are losers in life. And well, we’ve all met a few of those in our lives. I recommend this book to those who have never put such principles to use and perhaps only know of them by name. There are other similar books, but this one is perfect for the beginner.

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