Does the average Republican know the difference between a journalist and a political pundit?

By admin ~ June 21st, 2010 @ 1:26 pm
It is the job of the first one to gather up facts, organize them logically, and convey them to the public.

It is the job of the second to try and spread the ideology of a particular group that is desirous of political power … you know, like the folks on FOX News. They don’t have any training in real journalism and, therefore, have no concept of the ethic of objectivity. If it’s dishonest to fool you into thinking they “deliver the news,” well hey, it’s just part of the job.

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17 Responses to Does the average Republican know the difference between a journalist and a political pundit?

  1. Brian

    Yes but it seems many Democrats don’t..

  2. g

    most CLEARLY do not…

    I’m sure the 5 that do will be HORRIBLY offended at your question… and wonder where you ever got that idea?


  3. Hopey Changey led to Dopey

    Yeah you know like the folks at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, AND ABC –


    The average person thinks that Reps and Dems are different any one of moderate intelligence know they are very much the same.

  5. warren peace

    if that was the case they wouldn’t be number 1 and the democrats who are on there would say so.

  6. Samm

    For a moment, I thought you were talking about MSNBC and CNN until you mentioned FOX then I realized you were just ranting.

  7. annassilem

    That’s a democrats opinion : )

  8. Pres. Pelosi? or Pres. Obama

    Yes, like the idiot loons on your favorite channel..MSNBC who are ALWAYS one sided and just blurt out whatever makes their liberal kool aid drinking audience happy. There is a reason Fox is number one and that O’ Reilly is the BEST! Like it or Don’t like it…makes no difference to me. I KNOW THE TRUTH!

  9. Marvin the Martian

    Let me guess, the ones who logically organize facts in the way you like are journalists, while those who logically organize facts in ways you don’t like are political pundits.

  10. Polilical conundrum...

    Your not to smart are you.
    But thanx for the points.

  11. Senor Magoo

    Fox News has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined.

  12. susisays

    For your juvenile info, the audience of Fox News is comprised of 47% Dems and 50% GOP’s!

  13. musicman812

    Objectivity like the New York Times — or the LA Times — or maybe the San Francisco Chronicle? Journalistic Integrity is easier to find than the missing link.

    There’s always a bias — it’s the readers job to read through that crap…just as it is for a person who watches any Pundit. It’s their representation of the information on hand…

  14. conservative momma

    The question should be, “Does the average Journalist know the difference between being a journalist and being a political pundit?”

    I’ve taken many journalism courses, in the course of earning my English degree, and I can assure that there are many ways to slant a story without actually saying “This is what I believe.” From the syntax to the photo to the position of the story–it all reflects a paper or a station’s political affiliation.

  15. Me M

    The whole thing gets confused when 24-hour news outlets air opinion programs in prime time. MSNBC, FOX… I’m looking at you… They ought to both start new channels called FOX-Opinion Channel and MSNBC-Opinion Network, for these types of shows… The shame is, that during the day, both offer decent unbiased news. It’s these opinion programs at night that give them all a bad name.

  16. ilitrt

    Clearly the average lib does not. Fox only seems conservative because they tell both sides of the story. The others are nothing more than liberal propaganda machines.

  17. Burlin Game

    A liberal’s definition of media bias is any news outlet who is not totally in the tank for their messiah Obama. If a journalist does not get a tingle up their leg at the mere mention of Obama’s name than liberals will see that journalist as being worst than Hitler for not drooling all over the messiah.


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