What is a good unbiased political magazine?

By admin ~ May 4th, 2010 @ 2:59 pm
Ok well I know there’s a better chance of meeting a bigfoot than finding an unbiased political magazine, but what are some that aren’t to bad?

If you can’t think of an unbiased magazine could you please suggest two totally opposite completely bias magazines? Like ones a far left and ones a far right.

And what do you think of big names like Time?

And maybe some smaller names because big names are more likely to be “edited” by money.


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3 Responses to What is a good unbiased political magazine?

  1. bgee2001ca

    Mother Jones is a good one.

  2. wdx2bb

    I have been reading Newsweek forever, but I can’t say I like its new format that much. I may switch to Time when the current subscription runs out.

    Traditionally, Newsweek has been a little left, Time has been in the middle and U.S. News has been to the right. So pick them up and see what you think. There is much less bias in there than you think (heck, the columns are signed), so see how you feel.

  3. Natalie

    salon.com is the best and they employ some amazing writers too.


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