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Wrapping its way along the eastern edge of the Indochina Peninsula is the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam. Vietnam is home to over 85 million people and is the 13th most populous country on the planet. It is bordered by China, Laos, and Cambodia. The country covers over 330,000 square kilometers of land.

Vietnam is a beautiful country, known for its mountains and tropical forests. The climate of Vietnam varies depending on the elevation. In the plains and forest areas, a tropical climate is normal. However, in the mountains the temperatures can drop quite a bit in the winter months. Monsoons are common along the northeastern coasts of Vietnam.

Vietnam is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The country has a Communist government. Only political organizations that the Communist Party endorses can participate in elections, but elections are held from time to time, giving the people some say in the government. The President of Vietnam controls the military. The Prime Minister is the main government leader, controlling most of the actions of the Executive Branch.

The legislative body of Vietnam is the National Assembly of Vietnam. The Assembly appoints all of the members of the executive and judicial branches. The members of the National Assembly are elected, but they are all Communist Party members. The Assembly meets two times a year.

Just after the Vietnam War, the Communist government collectivized agriculture and industry. This action combined with the effects of the war caused the economy to suffer tremendously. When trade partners started disappearing, the government of Vietnam began to encourage more private ownership of industries and farms. This began a period of economic growth within the country.

Today, the country itself is growing economically. However, the people are still quite poor in general. While fewer people are living significantly below the poverty line in the country, few of the general population of Vietnam has much expendable income.

Today, tourism in Vietnam is a growing industry. Because of the unmarred beauty of many of the tropical forests in Vietnam, people enjoy visiting and seeing this natural beauty for themselves. The coastal regions are gaining polarity, and the government is focusing money on developing these areas to make them even more appealing to guests. The government is embracing these guests and enjoying the economic boost that their travels bring. As such, people along the coastal regions tend to speak a good deal of English to help them as they interact with international tourists.

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