Presidential Pardon – A Study Of Philippine Politics

By admin ~ May 5th, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

Philippine President GMA ‘s exercise of her absolute power of Presidential Prerogative to grant Executive Clemency to her predecessor ex-President ERAP (who was Plunder-convicted by the SandiganBayan Court after 6 years of litigation) would make a good Case Study for all Students-of-Politics worldwide. Soon after his release from his privately-owned Tanay RestHouse “Imprisonment”, ERAP (whose Political & Civil Rights have been restored) considers himself as a plain Citizen now free to be at the bedside of his “dying” Old Mother – and to pursue his publicly avowed advocacy of helping the Filipino Poor . If he truly makes good on his promise, convicted ERAP could be a converted ERAP – and should be welcomed back to Philippine Society.

As a Filipino Senior Citizen who keeps abreast with Political Events in the Philippines and as a Roman Catholic who adheres to the Christian Doctrine: “Charity builds upon Justice”; I am of the view that the Constitutional Mandate of “Absolute Power to grant Presidential Pardon” could not be meant (by the framers of the 1987 Philippine Constitution) to be unqualified – and could be subject to abuse instead. Consider:

Coud Presidential Pardon be granted even without the Convict’s Acceptance-of-Guilt and without Public Apology expressed? Could the granting of Presidential Pardon not be self-serving as in the case of President GMA suspected of possibly pre-empting her own probable future imprisonment upon the “coming close” of her corruption-scandal laden Presidency – as forwarned by ex-President FVR ? Is the Philippine President the only and final Judge of “National Interest” in a nation deeply divided and revolting over a controvertial Presidential Pardon? Where is Good Governance – with Discriminatory Justice favoring the “Politically Strong” and with a Presidency obstructive of Senate Investigations and suspected of bribing Congressmen & Governors?

For the sake of a “Better Future”, let National Cleansing begin!

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