why does it seem that only crazy democrat protesters think its alright to interrupt a ?

By admin ~ April 25th, 2010 @ 3:11 am
a presidential nominee?
it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of crazy republican protesters setting fires in the street…
Freedom of Speech? Are you serious?I don’t think thats what the founding fathers had in mind for free speech. Free speech is different from that bs. Don’t even try to defend it, and if you do, you are probably insane. Literally.
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16 Responses to why does it seem that only crazy democrat protesters think its alright to interrupt a ?

  1. JMN817

    must be the weed. or the constant smelling of their own BO.

  2. Honey

    To cheer up the convention.?
    Just a guess.

  3. Curiosity/Satisfaction

    Freedom of Speech

  4. PianoPianoPiano

    I am a democrat and I must say that those people do not represent the democrats that I stand for. They were an absolute disgrace and I hope they were arrested…I was interested in what McCain had to say and they were indeed interrupting something that they had no business being at. A more important question is…how the heck did they get in there?? Didn’t they have freakin’ security??

    I am all about freedom of speech…but a Republican Convention is not the time or place for protests…if they wanted to protest the speech they should have doen so after the speech was finished in a peaceful manner.

    But there are rotten eggs in both parties…don’t even try to say otherwise!

    Obama/Biden ’08

  5. Liberal Youth Breed Hate

    the crazy nutcases of our society belong in the democrat party. long gone are the days where most of the loons were right wing. you have youtube socialist dailykos youth full of hate that embrace principles of anarchy and social unrest to propagate their abject hate.

    the dem party now holds the crazy loons

  6. Anna&Thomas' mommy

    I dont know. The reps didn’t do it to the dems. People who support Obama are liberal extremists. I say if you dont like the country leave!!

  7. Moose

    because those that do that are self serving inconsiderate punks and need a good whoopin. That type of stupidity only makes me think Democrats are all the bad things people say about them.

  8. SuMmEr

    Because if you haven’t noticed Republicans need to remove the stick out of their rear.

    There’s this thing called freedom of speech.

    And personally the protesting was the best part, and that’s why you’re talking about it instead of the bland speeches about oil.

  9. Southern Patriot

    Because. like most of the idiot questions and answers you see on here, they are left wing loons who have no brains or ideas. Just kool aid drinkers with eroded minds.

  10. Mike B

    Because a crazy democrat at a DNC rally doesn’t stand out from the crowd. But when you put that crazy loon at a RNC ralley, well enough said.

    It is hard to pick out just one locust when your are faced with a wall of locust devouring everything in its path and producing nothing in the wake.


  11. dude101

    I don’t know thats pretty absurd. The DNC protesters didn’t go in.
    But also, you have to realize that the Repulbicans are way out of line with putting their Conventions in predominantly democratic cities.

  12. Elway_the_Cat

    It’s pretty basic. Democrats believe in dissent, and that it’s part of our heritage. Democrats believe that freedom of speech applies to protest per our Constitution. They believe that is what keeps a democracy healthy. Republicans don’t believe in dissent. They think if you criticize politicians in power you are unAmerican – you know, “America – Love Her or Leave Her.” That leaves no room for argument and that’s the way they like it.

    EDIT: Oh simmer down, no one is insane. You asked why crazies think it’s all right to do what they did tonight. I gave you the reasons why. That’s where they get the idea, right or wrong. I didn’t say I thought the way they choose to express that free speech is appropriate or proper to my mind. I pointed out the difference between Dems and Repubs because that basic difference causes each group to assume the worst about the other on a regular basis. Just like you assumed that since I pointed out why they think that way and why they do what they do, I must approve of it and therefore must be insane.

  13. jennilamb007

    I thought it was a very disrespectful display. I was horrified by the woman who was obviously being overcome by invisible banshees or something. Poor soul. The one that was ripping at her clothes. LOL. Anyway, I am a Democrat and voting for Obama but I was not at all impressed by the way some people were handling themselves during McCain’s speech. He has been through and has done a lot for his country and should have been given due respect. I might not agree with everything he believes, but I believe in his right to say it and not be interupted while saying it. If someone doesn’t like it, then shut up and when you get your chance you can comment in a civilized fashion. I was truly ashamed at some of the actions I saw tonight. It matters not if the people protesting were Democrats, Independents, Nutty Nuts, whatever. They were ill mannered and set no good example for any group and I set myself apart from that madness.

  14. Lincoln6

    Fear a Bush 3rd term instills fear in the masses, not just Democrats.

  15. Rick

    In the 60’s and early 70’s it was the protesters that finally turned this countries politicians heads around to stop it in Viet Nam. It worked once and want to try again. Believe me, this little protest was nothing compared to what was going on back then. Those protesters came from 36 different states and have a right under the constitution to expound their beliefs. And if it is No More War then so be it.
    You should know what a few people do doesn’t represent the whole. Theres bad apples in every bunch. How do you know it wasn’t an independent?

  16. angelisauce

    What do you expect? Sane democrats hold a convention that looks like a rock concert at a stadium while the annointed one gives a speech from fake Greek columns from a movie set.

    McCain/Palin ’08


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