Why do people assume if your not a Democrat your a Republican and vise versa?

By admin ~ April 20th, 2010 @ 4:28 am
Isnt it sad how many people buy into the illusion of choice?
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10 Responses to Why do people assume if your not a Democrat your a Republican and vise versa?

  1. P


  2. Sugar

    Because they are the two major parties.

  3. Fox_America!

    You’re unbelievable right on that one.

  4. lost map maker

    Because for the most party people are either a democrat or a republican, they are the two most popular parties.

    I think it is a valid assumption.

  5. CountessVendetta

    ahh..they are two major political categories.

  6. katwalker

    I agree with you. I consider myself an Independant that leans on the conservitive side. I thought that ALL the candidates for president should have been invited to the debates so everyone could have made an educated choice.

  7. Another Obama's Girl

    Because they don’t think.
    I voted for Bush, and he failed. I voted for Obama this year because he was the best candidate.
    I don’t go by political affiliations or fanatism. I go by the candidate

  8. Gallard E

    And, along those lines, why do people assume if you are a democrat you are liberal (I’m a conservative dem), or that being a Republican makes you conservative (there are close to zero true conservatives in the GOP)…

    People really have no idea. Just soundbites so they don’t have to think.

  9. Joshua N

    Because those are the two parties in the Obliarchy of the United States of America (the democracy is gone)

  10. brave new world

    I am deeply distrustful of both parties – but Republicans have gone way too far.
    I am a moderate socially and politically – but that just means hard liners from both sides hate me.
    Unfortunately I am a bit like John Kerry, and can have a debate on any topic with myself for hours (unfortunately).


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