What other political parties are in the US besides Democrat & Republican parties?

By admin ~ April 6th, 2010 @ 4:31 pm
I’ve heard of the ‘Green party’ and what other ones do they have there? What do they stand for?

I think only 2 major parties is not fair. They need more. Like 4 for example.

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8 Responses to What other political parties are in the US besides Democrat & Republican parties?

  1. corvette

    We have a new one….”hockey moms party” ….which would do much better than what we have had~!

  2. Raising the Barr

    Modern Whig

  3. Earth: The Connected Home

    There are many, but none appeal to the bulk of the people of the US. The reason we lean towards a two-party system is so the electorate can pick a candidate with a clear majority.

    If we had 10 viable parties, we could conceivably have a government that only represents 11% of the people.

    The party I belong to isn’t a perfect fit for me, but it’s better than all the options. I think most people would find themselves in this position if they examined themselves and then compared the results to the available parties.

    Here’s a fairly complete list with links to each party’s doctrine:

  4. moo goo gai pan

    Well one can only believe after January and the closet muslim takes over we will also have a communist party and a socialist party headed by whack job Pelosi and crazy man Dean as the republican party is finished and Obama will destroy the democrats, Between Bush and Obama those two parties couldn’t buy a vote in the future//man doesn’t sound like any party I want to go to////So is that the change you voted for????

  5. steve j

    Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist (yes, they are still around), Black Panther (ditto) American White People’s Party (Nazi) and the list only gets crazier

  6. Bro. Can You Spare A Dime!

    Independent American Party

  7. jeremy newman

    The truth party!

  8. Vin E

    Modern Whig Party is getting some press lately as being potentially the next big thing due to their mainstream, realistic, common-sense approach to the issues. They have 20,000 members so far in just a couple months, with half in the military.

    This article is from the Miami media which says the Modern Whigs are the most mainstream political party and most likely to supplant the GOP.


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