Is the democrat focus on Rush taking his ratings through the roof?

By admin ~ April 1st, 2010 @ 7:19 pm
As more and more liberals become critical of Rush Limbaugh, is he getting more listeners due to the criticisms? Would democrats be better served to ignore him than to give him all of this free press.

I don’t care what you think about him, he is a private citizen who has a hugely successful radio program. he also makes sense many of the times.

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21 Responses to Is the democrat focus on Rush taking his ratings through the roof?

  1. Lea

    yes, that is just what I said on my post. It is hilarious how much attention he is getting…but he is great.

    You can listen to his live show for free on this site:
    The sound quality is great!

  2. J. Mascis

    I wouldn’t even know where to find his radio PROGRAM.

  3. ????

    It fits within their game plan

  4. z28moshi

    I’m a liberal and I think its great. Rush appeals to the far right. You need independents to win an election.

  5. grob

    Maybe. We don’t care and you don’t get it. Dems should keep doing what they are doing to the leader of the republican party Rush Limbaugh.

    There are more dems in the country than republicans and independents HATE republican leader Rush Limbaugh.

  6. radiorog8

    of course,he makes a lot of money

  7. bobbyrich32

    no, i think it’s wishful thinking but any liberal i know wouldn’t tune into him. he’s getting a lot of play on the networks since the GOP has been all over his nuts as of late.

  8. bladesinger0712

    he has 20 million listeners I think maybe they are already through the roof But hey if they think they can get him more – cool, we need more people like him in the world

  9. gdsb

    He has the same number of listener’s as Dancing with the stars and American Idol have viewers. That in itself speak volumes. Twenty million Americans are addicted to really poor entertainment.

  10. garyb1616

    Kinda keep the base all riled up … while adding another 400 Billion in pork our Grand Kids grand kids will pay for…so they dont notice……..Welcome to the Carter years

    WASHINGTON – The Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to preserve thousands of earmarks in a $410 billion spending bill, brushing aside Sen. John McCain’s claim that President Barack Obama and Congress are merely conducting business as usual in a time of economic hardship.

  11. Felonius_Monkey

    I love the fact that Rush is getting the attention. Republicans will lose elections as long as he’s the face of the GOP.

  12. Free or Fee Country?

    Yes it is, what they can’t seem to comprehend is that he is a radio/talk show personality and has no affiliation with the Republican party.

    He is a conservative they are different.

  13. greenjellybean

    Yeah. And the funny thing is, they are too dumb to realize what they are doing. They hate the man, so they drive more traffic to his radio show. LOL. Those Libertards are the best thing that ever happened to Rush Limbaugh. OReilly and Glen Beck and Shawn Hannity too. All of them are kicking @ss in the ratings while MSN is barely holding it’s head above water. And Ann Coulter had another best seller. LOL.

  14. gypsy

    Absolutely. The masses tend to create popularity to a specific person simply by berating that person to the point that some feel the need to defend him/her.

    I think Rush makes a lot of sense, but I only have the Dems to thank for that. I never really paid him any attention (wasn’t a listener) until all of the hullabaloo started.

  15. James H

    I’m sure he is getting more women, blacks, and hispanics tuning in….just kidding. Cons listening on two radios isn’t double the audience. same crowd, different day.

  16. tom the plumber

    Rushbo the Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. badmotherrucker

    Rush’s ratings always go up during a democratic administration. The more power the dems have the higher the ratings. With Clinton in office, he had ratings, With Obama in office he has ratings, With Bush in office, he needed a drug problem, and racist comments about black Q.B.s to let people know he’s still alive. I’ll bet you this, when the voting certain closes behind him, Rush votes democrat.

  18. darling nicky

    Im sure he is… im socked the libs even tuned into him…I guess its just what they like to spend time on (propaganda and slander….while the gop is trying to help out)

  19. Hot Patata

    I agree that Rush can only thrive even more with more media coverage, and the Obama administration’s public denouncements of Limbaugh can only be making him happy. The more you talk about Rush (either in positive or negative terms), the more you play into his game of attention-grabbing, and the more his enormous ego is fed.

    But not all the blame falls on the Democrats. Michael Steele and various other Republicans have tried to call him out and failed, only to end up apologizing for their remarks, and further keeping Rush’s name in the headlines.

    Everyone needs to realize that self-important blowhards like Rush are people who only offer insult and criticism. Rush has no policy proposals. Rush has no political agenda. Rush only cares about hearing his own voice yell and blather on, and about grabbing ratings and self-glorification. The best way to deal with this fatuous egomaniac is to ignore him, and right now no one is doing that.

    By the way, your respect for Limbaugh should embarrass you. Insults and shouting down those who disagree are not constructive avenues of political debate in a free society, no matter what your beliefs are.

  20. Galen B


    Their intent is to demonize and ridicule him.
    I have never heard Rush make a racist comment, but I heard some mentally defective guy on CNN call him a racist. It is sad how they can hear what they want. to hear and lie to their sheep. The koolade drinkers are incapable of understanding what he says due to stupidity or close mindedness.

    There are more intelligent people that can listen to Rush and actually hear what he says, than there are the stupid that want to twist to suit there political view.

    Welcome to the American Idol Generation

  21. non exsisto ovis


    I think the Liberal media has finally given him some publicity because they are becoming suspect of Obama’s reckless spending.

    Rush typically only gets radio publicity. Radio has a much smaller audience than does TV.

    Television publicity will give him access to a wider audience.


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